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Brock Feeder System Fill Systems

FLEX-AUGER® Fill Systems

For conveying feed, Chore-Time Brock's FLEX-AUGER® Coreless Auger Feed Delivery System has proven to be the most reliable and best way ever devised.

Auger & Tubing

The FLEX-AUGER® System's simple, high-quality, fully-enclosed auger moves feed up, down, on-the-level, or around corners. The tubing is made of specially-compounded PVC, which makes it resistant to ultraviolet light and resistant to wear. For some abrasive free-flowing feeds like those used in egg production, fill systems with steel tubing are available. The FLEX-AUGER® Feed Delivery System is available in a variety of capacities for use in a wide variety of feeding applications.

Outlet Drop & Drop Tube

The easy-to-install outlet drop features a simple shut-off device. Flexible and rigid drop tubes are available.

Power Units & Controls

A direct drive unit (motor and gearhead) rotates the coreless auger. A variety of hopper level and drop tube switches are available to regulate feed delivery. Optional time clock and programmable controls are also available.

Bin Transition & Boot Options

There are different bin transition and boot options you can choose from: 30° (discharge angle) single and twin outlet bin boots, high-capacity single and twin outlet boots, or the single and tandem straight-through boot systems. Chore-Time Brock's transparent transitions offer improved visibility of the feed flow to the bin's boot and auger system.

FLAGTM Feed Delivery System

The FLAGTM Feed Delivery System is designed to be used in installations that have one primary fill system supplying several rows of feeders. The system can be operated in a variety of different ways and with many different configurations depending on the needs of the producer.

Product Advantages

  • Cost Savings -- the FLAGTM Feed Delivery System allows longer feeder line augers (up to 400 feet or 120 meters) without the need for extensions or extra power units.
  • Easier Maintenance -- there is less wear on components and lower maintenance cost since there are fewer elbows with the FLAGTM System.
  • Simpler House Layout -- all drop tubes can run straight down in front of the crates instead of some drop tubes needing to be offset or angled at extensions or corners.
  • Less Restricted Silo Placement and the simplicity of one line entering the building.

MULTIFLO® Feed Delivery System

Chore-Time’s MULTIFLO® Feed Delivery System has a reputation for gentle handling of feed and feed pellets for hog gestation, farrowing and nursery units. This innovative closed-loop coreless auger system uses the same long-lasting high-tensile strength steel auger as Chore-Time’s famous FLEX-AUGER® Conveying System. However, instead of rotating the auger, the MULTIFLO System simply slides the auger within the tube. Reliable and simple to manage, the MULTIFLO System also eliminates corner wheels and high-maintenance parts some other recirculating systems may require.

Features & Advantages

  • Choose from three MULTIFLO® Systems:
    • Standard MULTIFLO System for hog and other layouts requiring closed-loop feed delivery systems with multiple corners.
    • High-Speed MULTIFLO System for delivering up to 50 pounds (20 kg.) of feed per minute.
    • Tight-Radius MULTIFLO System for use in farrowing rooms and other tight spaces where sharp 180-degree turns are desired for standard 36-inch (914-mm) wide aisles.
  • Designed to accurately distribute feed and to help contribute to optimum conversion.
  • Reliable, long-lasting, closed-loop steel auger system carries a limited 1-year warranty on the elbows and auger. (See Chore-Time’s full written warranty for complete details.)
  • Serve buildings of nearly any length and arrangement of animals.
  • Auger tube elbows are pre-formed for added durability in making turns.
  • PVC auger tube makes it easy to drill holes for feeders wherever needed along the tube.
  • Transparent auger tube section provided for an easy visual check of auger and feed.
  • Easy-to-use auger connector makes quick work of installing the auger loop.
  • Auger installs easily and requires no tensioning maintenance.
  • The energy-efficient direct drive power unit attaches to any straight section of auger tubing.

MULTIFLO® Drive Gear

MULTIFLO® Inspection Window

Feed Level Control

Feed Delivery System Tube Outside Diameter
Tube Outside Diameter
Corner Radius
Maximum Length
Motor Size Recommended at Max. Length
Feed Delivery Rate
Standard Extension
Typical Applications
Standard MULTIFLO® 55 2.25 24" 1080 (w/4 elbows) (3) 1/2 15 - 20 N/A Multiple corners, sharp turns, for hog, other operations
Tight-Radius MULTIFLO® 55 2.25 39" (corner to corner), 180o turn 1080 (w/2 elbows) (3) 1/2 15 - 20 N/A Sharp, 180o turns for hog farrowing rooms with 36" wide aisles.
High-Speed MULTIFLO® 55 2.25 24" 1080 (w/4 elbows) (3) 3/4 50 N/A Multiple corners, sharp turns, for hog, other operations
Model 55 FLEX-AUGER® 55 2.25 5 250 1/2 15 285 Low volume needs such as hog nursery, sow drop feeders
Model 75 FLEX-AUGER® 75 3 5 200 1 50 245 Hog grow & finish houses, broiler production
Model 90 FLEX-AUGER® 90 3.5 5 150 1 100 185 Large hog finishing houses, broiler/breeder/turkey houses, cage layer & pullet houses
Model HMC FLEX-AUGER® 90 3.5 5 150 1 50 185 High Moisture Corn feeds (to 27%), dairy cow feed
Standard Model 108 FLEX-AUGER® Steel 108 4.25 5 150 1-1/2 220 185 Bin filling, stationary mills, grain moving, cage layer and pullet houses
PVC 115 4.5
High-Speed Model 108 FLEX-AUGER® Steel 108 4.25 5 150 2 250 185 Bin filling, stationary mills, grain moving, cage layer and pullet houses
PVC 115 4.5

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