Bush Hog ATH900 Air Tunnel Side Discharge Finish Mowers

Bush Hog ATH900 Air Tunnel Finishing Mower

ATH900 Air Tunnel Finishing Mower
This High-Volume, Side Discharge Mower is Designed to Produce a Manicured Appearance Even in Thick, Damp Conditions. Parallel Uplift Blades Lift Grass for a Cleaner Cut, & the Air Tunnel Design Easily Accommodates Large Volumes of Clippings.

If a Beautiful, Smooth, Contoured Appearance is Important, You Want Bush HogĀ®. Our Finishing Mowers are Ideal for Contractors, Government Entities, Lawncare Professionals, Contractors, Property Owners, & Homeowners with Large Lawns. Everything About these Machines is Designed for Performance. Floating A-Frames, Hitch Arms, & Clevis Hitch Follow Ground Contours & Provide Extra Protection from Obstacles. Offset Wheels Prevent Tracking & Soil Compaction. Three Overlapping Blades Produce a Smooth, Yard-Like Finish.


  • Designed for Thick & Damp Conditions.
  • Curved Left Front Deck Edge with Tight Center Baffle Directs Material Into Tunnel.
  • Air Tunnel Easily Accomodates Large Volume Of Clippings.
  • Blades Overlap for Quality Appearance.
  • Parallel Uplift Blades Lift Grass for Cleaner Cut.
  • High Blade Tip Speeds (15,621 FPM) Force Air & Material Into & Through Tunnel.


  • Fabricated 7 Gauge Decks.
  • Easy Cutting Height Adustment from 1" to 6".
  • Easy-Lift Tabs for Quick Lubrication of Blade Spindles.
  • 5 Year Gearbox Limited Warranty.
  • Aramid Cord Reinforced Belt.
  • Bush Hog Gearbox.
  • Spring-Loaded Idler is Easy to Adjust.
  • Genuine Bush Hog Blades are Heat Treated Uplift Blades.

Bush Hog ATH900 Air Tunnel Finish Mower

Cutting Width 90"
Cutting Height
1/2" Increments
1" to 6"
Tractor HP Range 35 - 55 PTO
Type Hitch Category I
Size Blade 1/4" x 3" x 31-1/2"
Number of Blades 3
Blade Tip Speed 15,621 FPM
Blade Overlap 2-1/4"
Blade Uplift Parallel
Driveline Size ASAE Category 3
Front Roller Size
3" x 13"
Discharge Right Side
Deck Plate 7 Gauge
Tire Size 13" x 5" (Solid Tire)
Belt "C" Size Aramid Cord
Gearbox 55 HP
Tractor PTO Speed 540 RPM
Belt Adjustment Spring Loaded Idler
Approximate Weight 1,164 lbs.
Options Front Roller Bearing Kit
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty with a 5 Year Gearbox Limited Warranty
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice