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Bush Hog Rotary Tillers

Bush Hog's RT Series Rotary Tillers are the ideal tools for both landscape contractors or homeowners. With tilling widths available from 38 to 88 inches, there is sure to be a model to meet your needs. These tillers allow you to control the soil mix. With the rear shield in the open position, coarser soil and debris can be worked. Closing the rear shield produces finer mulching, maximum trash chopping and soil blending.

Depending upon the model, these tillers have offset capabilities ranging from 6 to 18-1/4 inches, allowing you to work closer to obstructions and cover the tractor tread. The RTS, RTN and RTNR models are chain driven while the RTH tillers are direct gear-driven for heavy-duty, primary tillage jobs. The RTNR model features reverse rotation tines for optimum seedbed preparation in fewer passes over the field.

Whether you need a home garden or have the heavy duty requirements of a professional nursery-man or landscape contractor, these rugged tools will give you outstanding tillage performance...year after year.

Adjustable skid shoes are standard equipment for
precise depth control. RTH, RTN, and RTNR tillers
adjust through 5 positions to a 7 tilling depth and RTS
tillers adjust through 4 positions to a 7 depth.

A unique anti-wrap device on the RTH and RTN
tillers prevents residue from damaging seals. On
the RTS tillers, triple-lip sealed ball bearings on the
rotor shaft help keep dirt out and reduce wrapping.

Tilling Width 30,50,62 & 74 in. 60,72 & 80 in. 60,72 & 80 in. 60,72,80 & 88 in.
Tractor PTO HP
15-50 40-70 50-90 60-80
Hitch Cat. I, 3-Point Cat. I&II, 3-Point Cat. I&II, 3-Point Cat. I&II, 3-Point
Blades L-Type C-Type C-Type C-Type
Number of Blades 24,32,40,48 28,36,40 28,36,40 28,36,40,44
Rotor Speed 246 RPM/540 PTO 238 RPM/540 PTO 238 RPM/540 PTO 213 RPM/540 PTO
Power to Rotor Transmission #80 Chain Dr., Single Speed #100 Chain Dr., Single Speed #100 Chain Dr., Single Speed Gear Drive Single Speed
# of Flanges on Rotor 6,8,10,12 7,9,10 7,9,10 7,9,10,11
Offset Capability 6"-12"-12"-18-1/4" 6" 6" 12" Fixed Offset on 60" Model
*Depth of Cut Adjustable to 7" Max. w/Skid Shoe
Driveline Protection Shear Bolt or Slip Clutch Slip Clutch Slip Clutch Slip Clutch
Weight Range 366 to 532 lbs. 664 to 777 lbs. 714 to 860 lbs. 810 to 964 lbs.

*May require additional passes depending upon soil type.

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