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Deutz Farm Tractors

Most Efficient, Most Powerful, Most Reliable!
Always Was, Always Will Be!


By Far The Most Fuel Efficient With The Best
Power Transfer & Torque Characteristics!

  • You Won't Need Performance Enhancements or Additives for Remarkable Power or Fuel Efficiency. Deutzís History of UNPARALLED FUEL EFFICIENCY Continues Today! Consider The 100HP Agro-Farm 100 with an Average Fuel Consumption of 1.2 Gallons Per Hour, or the 120HP Agro-Tron with an Average Fuel Consumption of 2.25 Gallons Per Hour - Both with Tier 4 Engines! You can even SMELL THE EFFICIENCY since Deutz engine exhaust fumes aren't rich with Unspent Fuel!
  • Plus, Deutz Engines have individual, high pressure, Bosch Injector Pumps for each cylinder, which not only contributes to fuel efficiency, but also eliminates an inoperable engine due to a failed injector pump.
  • Even Fendt Tractors brag about Deutz's Fuel Efficency...since they use Deutz Engines.
  • With this kind of fuel efficiency, the cost savings can pay for the full cost of the tractor in less than 10 years!
  • Deutzís History of UNPARALLED POWER TRANSFER Continues Today!
  • By Far the Best in Raw Power Transfer to the PTO:
    • Dynomometer Tests Have Shown an unparalled low average 5.5% Drop of Engine Horsepower to the PTO on Tractors below 100 HP and a magnificent 0% to 1% drop on the higher Horsepower Tractors!
  • Deutzís History of UNPARALLED TORQUE CHARACTERISTICS Continues Today!
  • By Far the Best Torque Characteristics:
    • Highest Max Torque output at the lowest RPM's provides high torque power when moving from an idle position (starting torque).
    • Highest maximum torque rise with widest band of constant torque provides maximum power in a broad RPM range.

By Far The Best Standard Features

  • UNIQUE Deutz Common Rail Fuel Injection System has the highest working pressure and uses engine oil (not fuel like all the others!) for lubrication!
  • Deutz Tractors ALWAYS have at least Dual Hydraulic Outlets with Three Outlets Standard on 70 - 100 HP Tractors, and four on larger models.
  • PTO & 3-Point Operator Controls are ergonomically located in the operator's station and are conveniently located at the rear of the tractor on many models.
  • Clutch Free Finger Tip Shuttling.
  • Transmissions with 25 MPH Road Speeds.
  • 4-Wheel Brakes on all models with 25 MPH Transmissions.
  • By far, the greatest 3-point lift capacities.
    • Consider the AgroFarm 100 HP with a whopping 13,600 lb. lifting capacity, or the AgroTron 150.7 (166 HP) with 20,240 lbs. of lift capacity!
  • Self-contained oil recovery system at hydraulic outlets:
    • Oil recovery system eliminates the usual mess associated with the use of outlets and the unique Deutz self-contained feature prevents debris and water from re-entering the tractor's hydraulic oil reservoir.
  • European Styled Ergonomic Cabs with:
    • 360 Degree High Visibility.
    • Sun Roof with shade for visibility of loaders at maximum lift height and also for viewing headroom clearance to prevent cab damage from low overhead openings.
    • Air cushion ride seats.
    • Tilting and telescoping steering wheels.
    • Isolated or suspension type cab platforms.
    • Front and rear windshield wipers, front and rear lights and much, much more!
  • Electro-hydraulic differential lock on most all models.
  • Adjustable hydraulic outlet flow control with latchable levers on most all models.
  • Tool free access to service points.
  • Swinging, adjustable Drawbars with adjustable Pull Arm Straps.
  • Tight turning radius'.
  • Creeper Transmission speeds.
  • Planetary front axle drives.
  • 540/1000 RPM PTO with economy speeds on most all models.

Öand if all this wasnít Enough, Expect the MOST COMPETITIVE PRICES for Comparably Equipped Models!!!

By Far the Most Renowned O.E.M. Engine:

  • Deutz Engines are Enthusiastically used in Agco Tractors & Combines, Claas Tractors, Hay & Foraging Machines, Fendt Tractors, Bobcat & Gehl Skid Steers, Ditch Witch Trenchers, Gehl and Ingersoll Rand Wheel Loaders, Gorman Rupp Engine Powered Stationary Units, Vermeer Stump Grinders, Stationary Generator Sets, and Various Marine, Industrial & Agricultural Applications.

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