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Earthmaster/M & W Dyna-Drive Surface Cultivators

The Earthmaster/M&W Dyna-Drive is a Unique Ground-Driven, Rotary, Surface Cultivator That Creates the Ideal Seedbed in a Single Pass at Speeds Up to 10 MPH. The Dyna-Drive Can be Used as a Stand Alone Machine or as Part of a Tillage System. Since the Dyna-Drive is Ground Driven There Are no PTO Drivelines, Gearboxes, Tires, or Wheels to Wear Out. The Dual Speed Twin Rotor System Shatters the Soil Without Smearing, Slabbing, or Crusting, While it Maintains Residue Levels High Enough to Meet Soil Conservation Compliance. Available in Working Widths Up to 196, the Dyna-Drive Can Till Up to 19.5 Acres/Hour**.


  • Operational Speeds Up to 10 MPH Can Cover Ground Fast.
  • Standalone Machine or Use as Part of a Tillage System.
  • Low Maintenance No PTO Drivelines, Gearboxes, Tire or Wheels to Wear Out.
  • Dual-Speed Twin Rotor Sysem Shatters Soil Without Smearing Slabbing or Crusting.
  • Ideal for Many Soils and Crops.
  • Lowers Costs and Reduces Time Spent In the Field.

The Dyna-Drive Adapts to a Wide Variety of Crops and Soil Types. The Unique Paddle Tine Works the Soil Without Smearing or Slabbing, Creating an Ideal Seedbed for Germination. The Dyna-Drive is Ideal for Many Crops, Including Corn, Soybeans, Small Grains, Vegetables, Sod, Hay, Peanuts, Potatoes, and Many Others. The Dyna-Drive Performs Well In Most Types of Soil Also, Including Clay, Sand, Loam, and Sandy Loam.

The Heavy-Duty Three-Point Hitch Allows for a Tighter Turning Radius than Most Tillage Tools and Accommodates CAT II, CAT III, and Quick Hitch Options. Since the Tines are Only In the Ground for Approximately 12% of the Time, They Can Last Many Times Longer Than Other Tillage Tools.

Rear Tailgate Adjusts to Control the Amount of Residue Left On the Surface of the Field. Close it Down for Better Incorporation; Open It Up for More Residue Protection. Dyna-Drive Can Leave Enough Residue (Up to 82%) to Meet Soil Conservation Compliance Requirements.

The Dyna-Drive Can be Used in a Variety of Situations. Stand Alone Or as Part of a Tillage System, the Dyna-Drive Provides Options and Flexibility not Available From Other More Conventional Tools. Some of the Many Uses of the Dyna-Drive Include Incorporating Chemicals, Weed Control, CRP Reclamation, Incorporating Seed, Preparing Seedbeds, and Primary Fall Tillage. Since it Leaves the Field Level, the Dyna-Drive Can be Used After Chisel Plows, Moldboard Plows or Disc Harrows to Reclaim the Field, Leaving It Ready to Plant. The Rear Crumbler Roller Helps Set the Working Depth, While At the Same Time It Firms the Seedbed to Help Reduce Wind and Water Erosion. The Resulting Seedbed Provides Good Seed to Soil Contact, Resulting In More Even Germination.

The Dyna-Drive Ground-Driven Mechanism Was Designed to Operate at Speeds Over 5-1/2 MPH. The Front Rotor Spikes Into the Ground, and Fractures the Soil. The Rear Rotor is Driven Nearly Three Times as Fast by the Front Rotor. The Result is Thoroughly Tilled Soil Ready to Plant, In Most Cases. This Means That a Faster Ground Speed Increases the Aggressiveness of the Tillage. With Ground Speeds Up to 10 MPH, the Dyna-Drive Can Cover Over 19.5 Acres/Hr**.

An Inline Transport is Available for the 4000, 5000, and 6000 Models. The Inline Transport Allows You to Move the Dyna-Drive from One Location to Another Through Narrow Gates and Over Narrow Roads. The Dyna-Drive Fits Securely in the Transport. The Inline Transport is Raised and Lowered Hydraulically from the Tractor Seat for Easy Use.

One Pass is Generally All That is Needed to Create an Ideal Ridge-Free Seedbed. In Fact, the Dyna- Drive is so Versatile, It Can Take the Place of Three or Four Tillage Tools, Lowering Your Operating Costs. Tractor Requirements are Low Also: At 7 MPH and 6 Deep, Only 10 DBHP* per Foot of Working Width is Required, so a Smaller Tractor Can Do More Work and Save Money.

The Dyna-Drive is Ground-Driven so there are no PTO Drivelines, Gearboxes, Tires, or Wheels to Wear Out. Maintenance on the Dyna-Drive Amounts to Greasing 6-12 Bearings, Checking the Oil Level in the Drive Systems and Inspecting for Any Loose or Broken Tines. The Heavy-Duty, #100, Double Roller Chain Drive Mechanism Runs in Oil to Ensure a Long, Maintenance Free Life. All Bearings On the Rotor Shafts are Greaseable, Heavy-Duty, Tapered Roller Bearings to Ensure Minimal Downtime.

MODEL 4000 5000 6000
Working Width 13'1" 16'1" 19'6"
Overall Width 14'5" 17'5" 20'5"
Hitch CAT II - III
Drive System Dual
Drive Chain Size Double 100 Triplex 100
Number of Tines 244 304 352
Tine Length 10.5"
Horsepower Req.* 130 160 200
Output (Ac/Hr)** 13.08 16.08 19.50
Weight (Approx.) 5,000 lbs. 5,860 lbs. 7,200 lbs.
*A Ground Speed of 7MPH at 6" Working Depth Requires about 10 DBHP per Foot of Working Width. Requirements Will Vary with Soil Conditions.
**Working Width Times Ground Speed of 8.25 MPH.

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