Quicke 160C Euro Style Compact Tractor Front End Loader
by Alo

Working Angles*
40o Min. Crowd Angle. 52o Min. Dump Angle.

Lift Height

  • 8'7" at Pivot Pin.
  • 7'10" Under Level Implement*.

*Varies Depending on Implement.

Tractor Size
20 - 40 HP

Recommended Tractor Weight

  • Up to Approx. 2,750 lbs.
  • In addition to engine strength, the tractor's weight and size influence your choice of loader.

Loader Weight
528 lbs.


Quick Attach Tool Carrier for 160C & 180C
The tool carrier on the two largest Quicke Compact models provides benefits such as a superb view of the implement, a helpful quick-connection function, and an excellent crowd angle.

A typical and unique Quicke benefit. The “open” design of the tool carrier on our two largest Quicke Compact models will give you an superb view of, as well as total control of, the implement when you are using pallet forks, for example.

Modern, High-Performance Design
An essential part of Quicke Compact. The gently rounded loader beam which matches the curve of the tractor's hood is one example of this, while another example is the strong and robust bearing box - it's slim design providing the best view possible.

Nothing is left to chance when we make the Quicke Compact. The production process uses modern technology and stringent quality assurance checks the whole way through – from the selection of materials to the final powder coating.

Cross Tube in Uniquely Low Position
A design solution exclusive to Quicke! The extra low cross tube on the Quicke Compact means that you always have a full view of the implement. Driving is also optimized from a safety point of view because the front lights are not hidden or covered.

Compact & Reliable Loader Beam Design
A benefit so typical of Quicke. All the essential parts of the hydraulics are securely protected inside the loader beam, which minimises the risk of injury and damage. Of course, this design also enhances the view.

Strong Pins & Smart Locking
All the pins on Quicke Compact are zinc-coated, and can also be lubricated. Note also the pin locking system unique to Quicke, which prevents the pins from rotating.

When you lubricate and pressure wash Quicke Compact, the plastic caps on the pins ensure that the grease does not contaminate the paint or windscreen.

Protective Hose Cover
The hose cover protects the hoses from dirt, wear-and-tear, sunlight, etc. and also holds the hoses together, which in turn improves the view. The hose cover is standard on all Quicke Compact loaders.

Full Control of Your Implements
The implement indicator supplied with the two largest models means that you can always keep control of the implement’s angle from the ground. It can be fitted on either the right or the left-hand side and is very simple to adjust.


You Can Have Our Loader Accessories Fitted at the Factory, or Buy them Afterwards and Fit them Yourself.

Market-Leading Load Dampening
An option for the two largest models which give you optimum load handling, good ergonomics and driver comfort. The load dampening also reduces strain and stress on the loader, subframe, tractor and driver. This function is easy to activate, with a mechanical on/off switch located on the bearing box.

3rd Service
An option for the two largest models which further increase the benefits provided by the tractor and mean that you can achieve even more with your loader and tractor, e.g. when using implements with grip function.

Greater Efficiency Thanks to Parallel Linkage
An option for the two largest models which provide even more power and greater work speed. The pallet fork is always in the correct position, from the ground up to maximum height. Likewise, if you change to the bucket, you will obtain the same exact parallel linkage without having to make any adjustments to the loader.

Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice