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Valby 3-Point Skidding Grapples

Valby 3-Point SGR76 Hydraulic Side-Shift Skidding Grapple
Skidding Grapple

Valby 3-Point SGR76-ML Mechanical Frame Lock Skidding Grapple
Skidding Grapple

Valby Model SGR76 Hydraulic
Side-Shift Skidding Grapple

A Skidding Grapple is Your Best Choice of Machine if You Work on Flat Terrain Which is Dry, and You Have a Large Tractor with Sufficient Front-End Weights. Skidding Grapples Work Best in Clear-Cuts. If You are Working in Hilly, Wet, or Slippery Terrain, or if You Want to Reduce Damage to the Stand by Selective Cutting, there is Equipment that Will Work Better than a Skidding Grapple.

The Valby SGR76 Grapple Converts your Farm Tractor into a Productive Forest Machine. It Can be Used 3 Ways:


The Skidding Grapple is Your Best Choice Machine if You Work on Flat Terrain, which is Dry, and You have a Large Tractor with Dufficient Front End Weights. The Ruggedness of the Grapple Enables Multiple Tree Length Stems to be Skidded Out at One Time.

Transport of Small Stems:

Small Stems, Stacks of Pulp Wood, Brush, and Slabs Can be Lifted Clear Off the Ground. This Keeps the Material Clean, and Transfers the Weight of the Material to the Rear Tires, for Added Traction.


The Side-Shift Function Enables Easy Placement of the Material in Stacks. The Height of the Stacks Depends on the Tractor, but 4 to 5 Foot Stacking Heights are Typical.


The Valby SGR76 Can be Side-Shifted 30 Degrees to Either Side, as Shown in the Photo Below. Side Shifting Allows the Operator to Grab Loads from the Side, Without Spending time Maneuvering the Tractor. The Side Shifting also Allows for Controlled Stacking of Pulpwood and Similar Materials.

The Valby SGR 76 has a hydraulic side shift,
which enables it to be used for stacking.


If Your Tractor Does Not Have 2 Sets of Remote Outlets, or a Floating Position, You Can Choose the SGR76-ML Model, which Requires Only One Set of Hydraulic Outlets.

This Version Does Not Have a Side Shift Cylinder, but has a Frame Lock that Locks the Grapple in Place when Needed. When the Frame is in a Floating Position, it Provides a Hinge Point and Enables the Tractor to Make Turns. The Frame Lock is Rope Controlled from the Tractor Cab.


The Grapple is Designed to Endure Years of Professional Use. The Materials Used are Thick, and the Jaws are Boxed for Added Strength.

Both Cylinders of the Grapple are Welded Design, and Have an Inside Diameter of Over 3". That Provides Strong Holding Pressure for the Jaws that Hold Onto the Logs. The Cylinders can Take Pressure of Up to 2900 PSI. The Piston is Also Overdimentioned, and Has a Diameter of Almost 2".

Every Joint has a Grease Fitting, and the Unit Weighs 680 lbs. The Head-Board Plate Can be Used to Bunch the Logs into Piles Suitable for Transport by the Tractor Grapple. The Jaws are Made to Withstand Hard Use, and the Pins Have Large Diameters.


The Grapple Mounts on the 3 Point Hitch of any Category II Tractor Between 50 and 100 HP. The Tractor Must be Equipped with a Full Set of Front End Weights. The Grapple has a Parking Stand, which Enables Easy Hook Up and Removal of the Machine.

The Grapple Needs Two Pairs of Hydraulic Outlets Off the Tractor. One Pair Opens and Closes the Grapple. The Other Pair Works the Side Shift. If the Hydraulic Side Shift is Not Important to You, or if Your Tractor Does not Have a Second Hydraulic Circuit, You Can Still Choose a Valby Grapple by Selecting a Version That has a Mechanical Lock of the Frame Instead of the Cylinder. This Model is Listed below as the SGR76-ML.

If the Grapple is Used for Skidding, When the Ends of the Stems Drag on the Ground, Then One Will Benefit from Having a Floating Position on the Valve that Operates the Side-Shift. Your Dealer can Retrofit Older Tractors with a Valve that Has a Float Position.

The Grapple Opens to 76" and Has a Side-Shift Feature. The Hydraulic Side-Shift Enables the Operator to Grab a Load from the Side without Spending Time to Maneuver the Tractor. The Side-Shift Also helps the Operator to Stack the Logs in Piles at the Landing. The Head-Board Plate can be Used to Bunch the Logs into Piles Suitable for Transport by the Tractor Grapple. The Jaws have a Bypass Design, which is an Improvement Over Clamp Grapples. The Jaws are Made to Withstand Hard Use, and the Pins have Large Diameters. Every Joint on the SGR76 has a Grease Fitting. The Grapple Cylinder and the Side-Shift Cylinder are of Welded Design and Built for Up to 2900 PSI of Pressure. The Grapple Cylinder and the Side Shift Cylinder are Double-Acting and Thus Require Two Sets of Hydraulic Outlets from the Tractor. One Set is to Open and Close the Grapple, the Other Set is to Turn the Frame. It Would be Advantageous if the Tractor has a Floating Position on the Circuit which Runs the Side Shift. The Tractor Must be Equipped with Front End Weights.

Weight 790 lbs.
Max. Grapple Opening 76"
Side Shift 30o Degrees Right or Left
Cylinder Inside Diameter 3"
Cylinder Piston Diameter 1-15/16"
Max. Working Pressure 2900 PSI
Mounting Cat. II Tractors, 50 to 100 HP

Valby Model SGR76-ML Mechanical
Frame Lock Skidding Grapple

The SGR76-ML is used on tractors that do not have two sets of remote outlets, or do not have a floating position.

This version does not have a side shift cylinder, but has a frame lock that locks the grapple in place when needed. When the frame is in a floating position, it provides a hinge point and enables the tractor to make turns. The frame lock is rope controlled from the tractor cab.


The modern bypass tractor grapple is an improvement over clamp grapples. The Valby tractor grapple is unique in that it has a double jaw on one side, and a single jaw on the other. As the grapple closes, the double jaw inter-meshes with the single jaw. The form of the bypass grapple provides for easy "roll in" of the logs. The logs are then held firmly in place because the load is supported from all directions by the bypass jaws.

The Valby SGR76 Grapple converts your farm tractor into a productive forest machine.


The skidding grapple is your best choice machine if you work on flat terrain, which is dry, and you have a large tractor with sufficient front end weights. The ruggedness of the grapple enables multiple tree length stems to be skidded out at one time.


Small stems, stacks of pulp wood, brush, and slabs can be lifted clear off the ground. This keeps the material clean, and transfers the weight of the material to the rear tires, for added traction.


The grapple is designed to endure years of professional use. The materials used are thick, and the jaws are boxed for added strength.

The cylinder on the grapple is of a welded design, and has an inside diameter of over 3". That provides strong holding pressure for the jaws that hold onto the logs. The cylinder can take pressures of up to 2900 PSI. The piston is also over-dimensioned, and has a diameter of almost two inches.

Every joint has a grease fitting, and the unit weighs 740lbs. The head-board plate can be used to bunch the logs into piles suitable for transport by the tractor grapple. The jaws are made to withstand hard use, and the pins have large diameters.

One design feature that makes the Valby SGR76 tractor grapples easy to use is that they have a hinge point close to the tractor. This forward hinge point enables the tractor to make sharp turns.


The grapple mounts on the three point hitch of any category II tractor between 50 and 100 HP. The tractor must be equipped with a full set of front end weights. The grapple has a parking stand, which enables easy hook up and removal of the machine.

Skidding grapples work best in clear-cuts. If you are working in hilly, wet, or slippery terrain, or if you want to reduce damage to the stand by selective cutting, there is equipment that will work better than a skidding grapple.

The SGR76-ML comes with the brackets for the hydraulic side shift cylinder. This enables you to retrofit the grapple if you find a need for the side shift feature.

If your tractor has extra hydraulic outlets, one can also use the grapple with a hydraulic top link.

Weight 740 lbs.
Max. Grapple Opening 76"
Cylinder Inside Diameter 3"
Cylinder Piston Diameter 1-15/16"
Max. Working Pressure 2900 PSI
Mounting Cat. II Tractors, 50 to 100 HP

The forward hinge point of the SGR76-ML tractor grapple enables
the operator to make sharp turns with the tractor.

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