BaumaLight 3 Point, Skid Steer & Loader Mounted Tree Spades

Baumalight X4S Tree Scoop Spade BaumaLight ST324 Hydraulic Tree Spade BaumaLight ST330 Tree Spade BaumaLight SS330 Tree Spade
X4S ST324 ST330 SS330
BaumaLight ST440 Tree Spade BaumaLight ST650 Tree Spade BaumaLight TR440 Trailered Tree Spade BaumaLight Roughneck Tree Auger
ST440 ST650 TR440 Tree Augers

Trees are the Anchor to Any Landscape, Providing Shelter, Shade & Beauty. With the Nomad Line of Tree Spades & Transplanting Products You Can Choose Where They are Located.

The Standard Skid Steer Mount is a Great Way to Move Trees with the Nomad Tree Spade. However, to Match the Equipment You Have with the Size of Trees You Need to Move, BaumaLight Offers Additional Types of Mounting Options.

To Pair Nomad with Your Tractor's 3PH Mount BaumaLight has Developed the 6M, 7M & 9M 3-Point Hitch Mounting Systems. Each Mount is Designed to Maximize the Potential of Your Tractor & Minimize the Risk of Damage. These 3PH Mounts do all the Heavy Lifting, There's No Lifting Done by the Tractor Arms. Positioning & Lifting of the Nomad is Achieved by the Integrated Lift Cylinders. The Parallel Lift Linkage Lifts the Tree & Spade Out of the Hole. These Frames Also Have a Tilt Control That Helps Position the Frame Solidly on the Ground & to Help with Weight Positioning During Transport. Controls are Extended so that the Operator Controls the Spading Action from the Tractor. For Optimal Results we Recommend Pairing the 3PH Mounts with a Loader Tractor or Front Mounted Counterweights for Easier Tree Removal & Stable Transport.

BaumaLight Tree Spade 3 Point Hitch

BaumaLight Tree Spade 3 Point Hitch

The 3 Point Hitch Mount is Designed for Power & Function. Attached to Your Tractor by a Rigid Top Link & the Lower Arms in Their Lowest Position, this Rugged Power House is Ready to Take on All the Heavy Lifting & Positioning. The Built-In Hydraulics are Designed to Provide Tilt for Positioning, Down Pressure to Help Keep the Frame in Position & Lift to Get the Nomad Out of the Hole. These Powerful Tools are Also Field Installable, Meaning You Can Add a 3PH Mount to an Existing Nomad.

  • 6M MOUNT: ST324
  • 7M MOUNT: ST330, SS330, ST440
  • 9M MOUNT: ST650

BaumaLight Tree Spade 3 Point Hitch

The Loader Mounts Bring the Tree Moving Power of Nomad to Your Loader. Tractor Loaders Often Have More Lift Capacity than Skid Steers & in Some Cases Give You Greater Flexibility in Positioning, However Because Positioning Around the Tree to be Moved is so Critical & Ground Level Visibility is Limited on Tractor Loaders we Recommend that Using a Nomad on a Loader is a Two Person Job. Once the Frame is Positioned on the Ground, the Controls for the Spades are Located on the Nomad so that the Operator has the Best Possible Visibility During the Spading Operations.

  • 10M CUSTOM MOUNT: X4S, ST324, ST330, SS330, ST440
  • 15 CUSTOM MOUNT: ST650


BaumaLight Tree Spade ALO Loader Attachment
ALO Standard Loader Attachment
Standard Euro Quicke Configurations

BaumaLight Tree Spade Blank Weld-On Plate
Blank Weld-On Plate
Blank Weld-On Plate to Bolt Into Nomad

BaumaLight Tree Spade Loader Mount

BaumaLight Tree Spade Bolt-On for Weld-On Hooks
Blank Bolt-On for Weld-On Hooks
Raised Area to Clear Skid Steer Plate when Bolted In. Blank Weld-On Plate to Bolt Into Nomad.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Tree Spade Operation with the Controls Line of Remotes from BaumaLight. These Remotes Allow You to Operate Your Spade when You're Out of the Driver's Seat.

An Optional Electric Over Hydraulic Control is Available on all Nomad Tree Spades. The Control Gives You a 10' Cable, Allowing you to Operate the Spade More Comfortably & with the Best Visibility Possible. The Intuitive Layout of the Controls Means You can Quickly & Precisely Control the Spading Action.

Baumalight Tree Spade Controls

Baumalight Tree Spade Controls

Baumalight Tree Spade Controls

Baumalight Tree Spade Controls



  • 2x AA Batteries
  • 3 & 4 Spade
  • 1 & 2 Swing
  • Stop


  • 12V Power
  • 3, 4 & 6 Spade
  • 1 & 2 Swing