Better Tractors
ADROIT 175 & AGILE 175
170HP, Bi-Directional Low Profile Utility Tractors:
4.5L Iveco Diesel Engine
Spicer Quad Steer Axles
Linde 3 Range HydroStatic Transmission

Better's AGILE 175
Set-up With Pronovost PXPL 92-98 X-Pro Scraper and
HLA SB3230W 914 Snow Wing with HCM Tires

170HP Utility Tractor That’s:


Better Tractors
Tractors That Make Work Efficient Again!

170HP Utility Tractor That Can Be Trailered Like This, And Yes,
Reversing The Operator Station To Drive Off Is Another Advantage!

Left & Right Fender Rear 3-Point Controls!

Rear Control For Hydraulic Top Link!

Another ‘Fantastic’ New & Efficient Use:
Use The Standard 3-Point Snow Blower With Operators Station Reversed!

Now You Can Have The Visibility & Ergonomic Convenience You’ve Always Wanted,
Without Buying The More Costly Front Mounted Blower Package.
Our Tractors Make Snow Blowing...Fun Again!

Attach Our 3-Point ‘Flail Type’ Boom Mowers To The Front, Or Use The Reversible Operators Station And Attach To The
Rear 3-Point – Either Way, Visibility, Ergonomic Convenience, Reduced Structural Suspension & Beautiful Results Are Yours!

Our Tractors & Equipment Work For You!

With Cutting Widths of 16’ & 22’, BETTER TRACTORS Make A Comfortable & Efficient Windrower!
This Windrower Is Easy To Access, Easy To Operate, Easy To Transport, Easy To Store & Easy To Afford.
Our Tractors Make Windrowing Great Again!

TriFlex 500 & 660 Mower Conditioner Specifications

TriFlex 660 Mower Conditioner At Work!

Better TractorsUSA 'Basic 175'

Tractor Joystick Controls: Ground Speed, 3-Point Control & Rear Hyd Outlets Operation!
Durable & Fantastic Tractors That Work For You!

After Sales 'Service & Parts Support’ is Centrally Located in Iowa:
Right in the Center of Our Beautiful Country!

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