Bradco Ground Shark Brush Cutters

Our Best Selling Ground Shark Brush Cutter is Now Available in Standard & Extreme Duty Classes. Ground Shark is the First Choice for Vegetation Management Professionals.

The Ground Shark Family of Brush Cutters Have Been Engineered to Handle Your Toughest Vegetation Management Jobs. They are Ideal for Roadside Maintenance, Right of Way Clearing, Site Preparation, Fire Control, Fence Line Maintenance, & Trail Maintenance.

  • Ground Shark Brush Cutters are Compatible with All Major OEM Branded Skid Steer Loaders.
  • They are Available in Standard & Extreme Duty Classes, Standard & High Flow, & a Variety of Cutting Widths from 60" to 78".
  • Ground Shark is a Proven Best-Seller Due to the Innovative Deck Design, High Performance, & Aggressive Machine Profile.


The new Ground Shark Standard Duty Brush Cutter is Designed to Clear Light to Medium Density Brush & Hardwoods Up to 4" in Diameter. The Entirely New Drive Train Runs Smooth & Quiet While Moving Easily to Clear the Toughest Material.

  • Dual Pressure Reliefs on the Hydraulic Motor Protect Against Pressure Spikes that Could Damage the Drive System.
  • If the Situation Requires, the Cutting Blades Will Stop Rotating Within Seconds Once the Motor is Disengaged Minimizing the Potential for Damage to the Machine & Drive Train.

Available in 60" (Standard Flow), 72" (Standard/High Flow) & 78" (Standard/High Flow). Hydraulic Couplers are Included.

New Motor and Drive Train.

An Optional Pressure Gauge Indicator Easily Visible to the Operator Helps Prevent Excessive Stalling & Overheating.

New 0.25" Thick Steel Deck Design.

Bi-Directional Blades Allow the Operator to Cut in Both Directions Extending Operational Life & Reducing Maintenance Costs.

Replaceable Skid Shoes.

Optional Dual Wheel Kits are Available That Mount to the Underside of the Front Deck to Keep the Blades Off the Ground & Prevent Scalping.


The Ground Shark Extreme Duty Brush Cutter is Designed to Clear Medium to Heavy Density Brush & Hardwoods Up to 7" in Diameter. When the Exclusive, Patent Pending Retractable Forward Shield Comes In Contact with a Tree, It Moves Up & Back to Expose the Entire Cutting Edge of Each Blade While Protecting the Operator From Flying Debris.

  • The Motor & Valve Assembly are Fully Shielded Preventing Contact with Debris.
  • The Hydraulic Hoses Can be Easily Rerouted to Allow Hookup to Multiple Machine Brands.
  • Dual Steps Improve Cab Egress Safety & Accommodate Cab Doors That Open From Either Direction.

Available in 72" High Flow Only.

Standard Pressure Gauge Indicator, Easily Visible to the Operator Helps Prevent Excessive Stalling & Overheating.

Exclusive Retractable Forward Shield (Patent Pending). When Using the Ground Shark On the Brush/Trees That Are Bigger Than 4" in Diameter, the Shield Will Retract on It's Own to Allow for Maximum Performance.

Optional 18 Tooth Carbide Stump Grinding Kit Increases Mulching Performance & Takes the Stump Down to Ground Level. This Option is Highly Recommended.

Four Double Bevel Edge Blades.

Heavy Duty Push Bar Pushes Trees Away from the Operator While Enhancing the Cutting Action by Weakening the Tree Trunk as it Bends.

Recommended Hydraulic Flow 15 - 25 GPM 26 - 32 GPM 32 - 40 GPM 30 - 45 GPM
Height 24" 27" 28.13"
Length 76" 88" 94" 88" 94" 88" 94" 85.59"
Width 64" 76" 82" 76" 82" 76" 82" 77.38"
Deck Height 9"
Cutting Width 60" 72" 78" 72" 78" 72" 78" 72"
Cutting Capacity 4" 7"
Deck Thickness
Required Skid Steer Lift Capacity 1,200 lbs. 1,400 lbs. 1,500 lbs. 1,400 lbs. 1,500 lbs. 1,600 lbs. 2,200 lbs.
Weight 1,120 lbs. 1,280 lbs. 1,365 lbs. 1,280 lbs. 1,365 lbs. 1,320 lbs. 1,405 lbs. 2,008 lbs.
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice