Bradco Skid Steer Stump Grinders

Bradco's SG26 & SG30 models have proven heavy-duty gearbox drives with torque arm motor support for longer motor and drive system life. Easy access to all drive components allows for quick maintenance.

Operate with the multi-function control inside the loader with excellent operating visibility and exceptional swing arc geometry. An adjustable speed control has been designed into the unit to allow the operator to adjust the speed of the swing and lift functions to accomodate maximum performance.

The Bradco Stump Grinder's built-in grouser pads provide exceptional stability during cutting and grip for your uneven ground and hill sides. While the tooth pattern allows side-to-side or vertical cutting up to 12" below ground level.

Optional items include square teeth with single lock nut or shark style teeth with universal bolt pattern. Replacement cutting teeth with hardware are available.

SG26 (Standard Flow) & SG30 (High Flow) Stump Grinders

  • Standard Flow (SG26) & High Flow (SG30) Available for Skid Steers
  • Standard Flow Model has a 26" Diameter Cutting Wheel Allowing up to 10" of Below Ground Cutting
  • High Flow Model has a 30" Wheel Allowing up to 12" of Below Ground Cutting
  • Tooth Pattern Permits Cutting From Side-To-Side and Vertical Directions
  • 60o Range of Motion Cover 45" in a Single Sweep
  • Wheel & Tooth Options Available
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Stump Grinders Standard Flow
(Model SG26)
High Flow
(Model SG30)
Overall Width 58" 58"
Overall Height 37" 37"
Overall Length 73" 73"
Below Ground Depth 10" 12"
Swing Arc 60o 60o
Maximum Lift 25o 25o
Number of Cutting Teeth 28 28
Wheel Diameter 26" 30"
Hydraulic Flow Requirement 16 - 22 GPM 25 - 40 GPM
Weight 720 lbs. 795 lbs.