Bryce Suma Profi Max Magnum Post Drivers

Bryce Suma Profi-Max Series Post Drivers
Profi Max Magnum Post Driver

Side/Offset Mounted, Quad Shift, L & R Telescopic Side Shift, Telescopic Mast, 4-Way Tilt, 10’ Posts, 175,000lb’s Pounding Force, Telescopic Leg’s & Rock Spike!


  • Solid steel counterbalance for balance and stability.
  • Solid steel hammer - 1,102 lbs.
  • Side shift - 24" travel. Extra heavy-duty double slide with backshift sandwiched between. Heavier cross section.
  • Backshift - 300mm (12") travel.
  • Telescopic mast hitting height 3.350 m. Hammer travels full length of mast without any further manual or mechanical adjustment required. The telescopic mast has all the advantages of a tall fixed mast, offering maximum impact, and yet it is all in a tidy, compact telescopic design.
  • Independent hydraulic legs.
  • Hydraulic top link with 45 tonne certified safety chain and check valve.
  • Adjustable top link hitch point.
  • Hydraulic mast tilt left and right with safety check valve.
  • Post cap holds post while driving posts and ensures perfect alignment between post and mast when used in conjunction with side shift and backshift. Great aid to safety as enables hands-free driving. Heavier cap. Weld free design and slides on independent slide rails.
  • Top pulleys are self-lubricating & greasable to keep out dust and moisture.
  • Wear pads - static and rotary wear pads fitted on side shift and backshift.
  • Large floatation skids aid stability under all ground conditions.
  • 2.3" Mast swivel pin.
  • Self-lube replaceable bearings. Superior spec as used in the construction industry. Seven times over the rated capacity required.

Bryce Suma Profi Max Post Driver
Profi Max Driver

Bryce Suma Profi Magnum Post Drivers
The new Profi Magnum delivers performance & hitting power essential for survival under todays ultra competitive business climate. Here a 11' x 9" deer fence straining post is ready for the Magnum.

Bryce Suma Profi Magnum 3 Point Post Drivers
The same post about to be driven.

Bryce Suma Profi Magnum Tractor 3PT Post Drivers
Same post now driven 5' into the ground. All these posts were driven into the ground in a driving time of 2 - 2.5 mins. The rock spike was not used at all. This underlines the supreme efficiency and hitting power of the new Magnum.

Bryce Suma Profi Magnum Heavy Duty Post Driver
A general view of Allison Fencing's outfit. Another deer strainer being driven prior to the line wire being tensioned up.

Bryce Suma Profi Magnum Post Drivers
Same post - different angle.

Bryce Suma Profi-Magnum Post Drivers
Even with a 1,100lb/500kg hammer, smaller stakes are not a problem. Here a 5'6" x 3.5"-4" top stake is being driven. The weight of the hammer and then 1 or 2 gentle taps is all that is required. Quick, simple & minimum wear and tear on man and machine is what it's all about. The Magnum delivers on every count.

Bryce Suma Profi-Max 3PT Post Driver
Bryce Suma Profi Max Standard driving 8' x 12" posts. Time taken for each post was between 2 and 4 minutes. Photo courtesy of Derek Jones, fencing contractor from Wales who quoted "I've used all the others but this is the Daddy of them all."

Bryce Suma Profi Max Commercial Duty Post Drivers
The Profi Max will drive straining posts into ground conditions as shown. This ground was on a contract we did ourselves and every post was driven right in taking a time of 4 - 6 mins.

Bryce Suma Profi Max 3 Point Post Driver
The Profi Max is capable of driving posts up to 17" diameter as well as 3.5" - 4" stakes.

Bryce Suma Professional Duty Post Drivers
Snow in the Cheviots - "Our own outfit working on high hill country in Southern Scotland. This is where Bryce post drivers were born and bred. Many years of working on my own under these extreme conditions has allowed these machines to be continually developed and improved to get them to where they are today." - Jock Bryce

Bryce Suma ProfiMax Magnum 3-Point Post Drivers

Bryce Suma Profi-Max 3Pt Post Drivers

Bryce Suma Profi Max Magnum Tractor Post Drivers

Bryce Suma ProfiMax Magnum Tractor 3Pt Post Drivers

Bryce Suma Profi-Max Magnum Tractor 3Pt Post Drivers

Bryce Suma ProfiMax Magnum Heavy Duty Post Drivers

Bryce Suma Profi-Max Magnum Tractor 3Pt Post Drivers

Bryce Suma Profi-Max Supreme Tractor 3Pt Post Drivers

Bryce Suma Profi-Max Commercial Duty Post Drivers

Bryce Suma Profi-Max Supreme Heavy Duty Post Drivers

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