Bush Hog Disc Mowers

Bush Hog Hay Disc Mowers

Bush Hog's Four Models fo HMG Hay Mowers Fit a Large Range of Tractor Sizes & Production Requirements. These Mowers Have Bush Hog's Patented Cutter Bar Design Ready to Handle Your Toughest Mowing Areas. Our Mowers Have Been Performance Proven with Reduced Wrapping & Plugging Issues in Heavy & Light Hay Crops, & as Always, They are Built Bush Hog Tough for Years of Dependable Service!


  • Fit a Large Range of Tractor Sizes & Hay Production Requirements.
  • Reduced Wrapping & Plugging Issues in Heavy & Light Hay Crops.
  • Tough Lifting Power Through Our Mower Bar Cylinder, Without the Use of the 3 Point Lift.


  • Design of the HMG9 & HMG10 Bar Has a Patented Design that Results in Exceptional Strength.
  • Oval Shaped Discs Assist in the Flow of Material Over Cutter Bar to Form Even Disccharge of Crop.
  • Oil Bath Cutter Bar Bearings are Sealed for Reduced Contamination & Improved Performance on Inclines.
  • Adjustable Cutter Bar Ground Pressure.
  • Outer Swath Board Creates a Cleaner Space Between Cuttings, Eliminating Cut Crop Overlap.

Bush Hog 3 Point Disc Mower
Field Conversion Kit from 2 Blade Disc to 3 Blade Disc for 6 & 8 Units Only.

Bush Hog Tractor PTO Disc Mower
Cutting Height Conversion Kit for Rough Areas. Raises Cutting Height to a Maximum of 3-1/2".

Bush Hog Tractor PTO Disc Mower
Optional Anti-Wear Slide.

Mowing Width 6'11" 8' 9'5" 10'6"
Number of Discs 5 6 7 8
Number of Blades per Disc 2
Driveline Size Cat. 4
Min. PTO Horsepower 40 45 50 55
Hitch Cat. II
PTO Speed 540 RPM
Safety Curtain Std.
Weight 904 lbs. 1,100 lbs. 1,232 lbs. 1,430 lbs.
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice