FAE MTH Series Tractor Rock & Stone Crushers/Grinders

FAE MTH Tractor Agricultural Rock Crushers

FAE's Agriculture Stone Crusher Line Introduces Various Models of Stone Crushers for Agricultural Use, Ideal for Land Resoration and Reclamation. The Rotor is Equipped with Special Fixed Tools Featuring Hard Metal Inserts: This Enables Fine Crushing of Any Type of Stones Up to a Diameter of Approximately 20", Deep Underground.

Designed to Reach High Performance Levels and Built with Top Quality Materials, All the FAE Stone Crushers Stand Out for Their High Wear-Resistance and Reduced Maintenance.

Optimal Reults are Obtained by Coupling the Stone Crushers to Tractors with an Average/High Performance PTO Equipped with Creeper Speed Gears.

The MTH Series Stone Crushers for Tractors Between 300 and 400 HP Have a Max Working Depth of 50 cm/20".

The Largest Professional PTO Tractor Mounted Multipurpose Machine. It Is Designed and Produced for Very High Output Tractors and Represents FAE's Flagship Machine in Terms of Technology and Productivity. It Can Stabilize Soil, Crush Rock, Grind Asphalt and Mill Slab, At Working Depths Up to 50 cm/20", and Ensures Reliability and High Performance Over Time. The Latest FAE Variable Geometry System Crushing Chamber is an Innovative Design that Guarantees the Outstanding Crushing and Shredding Results. The Rotor is Hydraulically Adjusted Up or Down to Set the Volume of the Grinding/Mixing Chamber in Relation to the Working Depth. The Tractor's Traction Power and Output is Reduced by the Fact That The Rotor Penetrates the Ground While The Body of the Machine Remains on The Surface. This Means Reduced Fuel Consumption and Increased Operating Speed, and Hence Lower Running Costs. The Crushing Chamber is Protected by HARDOX® Panels, Fully and Easily Interchangeable without Removing the Rotor. The Special Side Gear Transmission is Specifically Designed for Heavy Duty Applications and Produces Constant and Uniform Rotor RPM, Allowing the Tractor to Move at a Constant Speed. The Internal HARDOX® Counter Knife and Gear Grill System Gurantees an Ideally Sized Final Product. The Optional Water Spray System, Controlled from the Cab of the Tractor, Optimizes the Mizing of the Soil with The Binding Agents during Stabilization. It Also Helps Keep the Rotor Temperature Down During Asphalt Grinding. To Provide a Complete Solution for any Application, Two Types of Rotors and Multiple Tooth Options Are Available. The Latest FAE Technology Allows the Same Asphalt Shredding Tooth to be Mounted on Both Rotors.

FAE MTH Tractor Agricultural Rock Crushers

The Standard Equipment Includes:

  • PTO Drive Shaft with Cam Clutch
  • Double Transmission with Casted Gear Boxes
  • Forged Tool Holders Made of Heat Treated Steel
  • "Double Steel Cage System" Machine Shell (WELDOX® Steel) Provide an Effective Protection Against Dust
  • Adjustable HARDOX® Counter Blade
  • Bolted Forged Rotor Axels
  • Adjustable Grid on Rear Hood
  • Variable Shredding Chamber
  • Front Hydraulic Protection Hood
  • Rear Hydraulic Protection/Grader Hood
  • Hydraulic Top Link
  • Inner Bolted HARDOX® Protections

Options: WATER SPRAY SYSTEM. Possibility to Have the Rotor Equipped with Tooth Type "G/3".

FAE MTH Tractor Agricultural Rock Crushers

MODEL Tractor HP
PTO Working Width Overall Width Weight Max. Working Depth No. Teeth/Type
Max. Working Depth No. Teeth/Type
Max 1 Max 2 Max 1 Max 2
MTH 200 300 - 400 1000 82" 102" 15,200 lbs. 13.8" 19.7 104+4+4 13.4 19.7 138+4+6+6
MTH 225 300 - 400 1000 91" 112" 15,900 lbs. 13.8 19.7 116+4+4 13.4 19.7 160+24+6+6
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice. Data Refers to the Machine Without Options.