FAE Tractor 3-Point Stump Grinders

FAE PTO Powered Stump Grinders

Stump Cutter With A Max Working Depth of 60 cm/20" for Tractors Between 130 and 350 HP.

The models of the Stump Cutter Heavy (SCH) Series - unique of their kind - can grind stumps of any kind and with different diameter and can work down to a depth of 40 cm, and simultaneously mill stumps and roots, thus giving the opportunity to obtain lands ready to be cultivated. For their correct employment, creeper transmission and reversible driving console are recommended.

The SCH stump cutter is the ideal solution for grinding stumps in harsh conditions in parks, backyards and rights-of-way. Low weight, combined with a belt transmission, results in extreme maneuverability, and makes the unit ideal for small jobs. The SCH/GT instead is designed for plantations and stump rows, including eucalyptus, pine trees, Christmas trees, etc. It can be kept in-ground from stump to stump, working uniformly and preparing the soil for replanting new trees. It is ideal for professional contractors needing a high productivity machine for high volume projects. Both models are equipped with a hydraulic side shift system (except for the SCH/GT 75), to enable the operator to correct the direction without additional maneuvers with the tractor, for eas of use and optimal results. Multiple tooth options available for different environments.


  • SCH 45 & SCH 55: PTO Drive Shaft with Cam Clutch, Hydraulic Side Shifting, Belts Transmission
  • SCH/GT 65: PTO Drive Shaft with Cam Clutch, Hydraulic Side Shifting, Gear Transmission (Only for DT Model)
  • SCH/GT 75: PTO Drive Shaft with Cam Clutch, Gear Transmission

Options: Hydraulic Top Link, Possibility To Have The Rotor Equipped With Tooth Type "A/3/HD" or Type "F/3".

with Hydraulic Side Shifting
Tractor HP Min: 130
Max: 180
Min: 160
Max: 280
PTO 1000 RPM
Working Width 20" 25"
Overall Width 71"
Weight 4,334 lbs. 5,931 lbs.
Grinding Diameter (Max.) 20"
Teeth Q.Ty/Type A + MH 30 + 4 36 + 4

Tractor HP Min: 180
Max: 300
Min: 200
Max: 350
PTO 1000 RPM
Working Width 29" 32"
Overall Width 71" 50"
Weight 6,394 lbs. 7,056 lbs.
Grinding Diameter (Max.) 20"
Teeth Q.Ty/Type A + MH 30 + 4 34 + 4
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