FAE STC Series Tractor Rock & Stone Crushers/Grinders

FAE STC Tractor Agricultural Rock Crushers

FAE's Agriculture Stone Crusher Line Introduces Various Models of Stone Crushers for Agricultural Use, Ideal for Land Resoration and Reclamation. The Rotor is Equipped with Special Fixed Tools Featuring Hard Metal Inserts: This Enables Fine Crushing of Any Type of Stones Up to a Diameter of Approximately 20", Deep Underground.

Designed to Reach High Performance Levels and Built with Top Quality Materials, All the FAE Stone Crushers Stand Out for Their High Wear-Resistance and Reduced Maintenance.

Optimal Reults are Obtained by Coupling the Stone Crushers to Tractors with an Average/High Performance PTO Equipped with Creeper Speed Gears.

The STC Series Stone Crushers for Tractors Between 80 and 220 HP Have a Max Working Depth of 20 cm/8".

Designed and Built to Meet the Needs of Professional Contractors Crushing Rock Up to 12" in Diamater and to a Depth of 8", Working on Large Jobs Sites and Agricultural Field Reclamation with Loose and/or Shallow Rock.
This Is the Flagship Model for Stone Crushing, and Sets the Benchmark Worldwide for Performance and Reliability. The Quality and Reliability of Components, Resulting From Adavanced Technology, Guarantee Long Life and Long Term Return on Investment. The Dual Transmission Guarantees Uniform Torque and High Productivity. Its Use of HARDOXreg; Steel Enusres High Wear Resistance. The Skids and Side Plows Are Made of HARDOX® For Better Protection and Higher Resistance to Abrasion. The Internal Counter Knife Is Made of HARDOX® for Higher Resistance to Wear and Can Be Adjusted to Determine the Size of the Final Product. The Rear Door, Fully Protected with HARDOX® Steel, Dozed the Material As It Leaves the Crushing Chamber. Multiple Tooth Options Are Available for Different Types of Environments.

FAE STC Tractor Agricultural Rock Crushers

The Standard Equipment Includes:

  • Double Driven Transmission (Excepet STC 125)
  • PTO Driveshaft with Cam Clutch, Gearbox with Freewheel
  • Adjustable Skids with Interchangeable Ploughshares and Skid Shoes
  • Hydraulic Rear Hodd
  • Adjustable Counter Blade
  • Possiblity to Choose Between 540 to 1000 RPM Gearbox (Only for STC 125)

Options: Dozing Blade, Road Kit, Hydraulic Link, Possibility to Have the Rotor Equipped with Tooth Type
"STC/3/HD" or "STC/3/FP".

FAE STCL Tractor Industrial Rock Crushers

MODEL Tractor HP
PTO Working Width Overall Width Weight Max. Grinding Diameter Max. Working Depth Teeth Qty, Type
STC/3 +
STC 125 80 - 110 540 or 1000 53" 69" 4,079 lbs. 12" 8" 26 + 4
STC/DT 150 100 - 220 1000 62" 79" 5,402 lbs. 12" 8" 32 + 4
STC/DT 175 120 - 220 1000 72" 89" 5,931 lbs. 12" 8" 38 + 4
STC/DT 200 130 - 220 1000 81" 98" 6,240 lbs. 12" 8" 42 + 4
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice. Data Refers to the Machine Without Options.