FAE STCL/R Series Tractor
Industrial Rock & Stone Crushers/Grinders

FAE STCL/R Tractor Industrial Rock Crushers

FAE's Stone Crushers are Manufactured According to Rigorous Construction Methods and are Equipped with Unique Components, Resulting from the Intensive Research and Development Activity that Motivates FAE Group. These Attachments are Designed for a Reliable and Efficient Performance Under the Most Rigorous Conditions.

FAE Stone Crushers are Especially Heavy Duty Thanks to the Use of Highly Wear-Resistant Steel, and are Suitable for the Maintenance and Building of Unpaved Roads, Gravel/Forest Roads and Ski Slopes. They are Ideally Suited to Crush Stones of Any Type and of Large Dimensions, Even if Deeply Underground.

Optimal Reults are Obtained by Coupling the Stone Crushers to Tractors with an Average/High Performance PTO Equipped with Creeper Speed Gears.

The STCL/R Series Stone Crushers for Tractors Between 80 and 150 HP Have a Max Working Depth of 6".

The Smallest Model in the FAE Rock Crusher Line.
Versaltile, Compact and Lightweight, It Can Be Mounted on Wheel and/or Track Tractors, the Smooth Design and the Compact Size Allow This Unit to Access Small Roads and Narrow Trails.
The Internal Adjustable Counter Blades Allow the Desired Size of the Final Product.
The Hydraulic Adjustable Rear Door Has Two Functions:

  • Keeping Material in the Crushing Chamber Longer or Shorter Based on the Position - Which Then Determines the Size of the Final Product.
  • Designating the Quantity of Material that Exits the Crushing Chamber
The Optional Road Kit Includes Dozing Blade and Grader Blade. The Dozing Blade is Attached to the Rear Door and Will Contribute to a More Precise Dozing Process When Needed. The Grader Blade is Attached to the Mainframe and Controlled by Hydraulic Cylinders. The Grader Blade Also Has an Adjustable Spring for Ground Pressure to Achieve the Desired Grading and Compaction of the Final Product.

FAE STCL/R Tractor Industrial Rock Crushers

The Standard Equipment Includes:

  • Single of Double Driven Transmission (Depending From the Model)
  • PTO Drive Shaft with Cam Clutch
  • Gearbox with Freewheel
  • Penetration Skids
  • Hydraulic Rear Hood
  • Adjustable Counter Knives
  • Adjustable Three Point Linkage
  • Possibility to Choose Between 540 or 1000 RPM Gearbox (Only for Models with Single Driven
  • Teeth Type STCL

Options: Dosing Blade, Road Kit, Hydraulic Top Link.

FAE STCL/R Tractor Industrial Rock Crushers

MODEL Tractor HP
PTO Working Width Overall Width Weight Max. Grinding Diameter Max. Working Depth Teeth Qty, Type
STCL/R 125 80 - 120 540 or 1000 53" 65" 2,822 lbs. 6" 6" 28
STCL/R 150 90 - 120 540 or 1000 63" 75" 3,164 lbs. 6" 6" 34
STCL/R 175 100 - 120 540 or 1000 72" 84" 3,461 lbs. 6" 6" 38
STCL/R/DT 175 100 - 150 1000 72" 84" 3,528 lbs. 6" 6" 38
STCL/R/DT 200 120 - 150 1000 81" 94" 3,847 lbs. 6" 6" 42
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice. Data Refers to the Machine Without Options.