Horst HLA High Dump Skid Steer & Front End Loader Bucket

HLA High Dump Bucket

With a normal bucket you have to clear the heel before you can dump. This becomes a problem when you are trying to load a truck or high-sided wagon. And if you manage to clear the heel the bucket edge drops into the wagon when you dump it, limiting how full you can fill it.

The HLA High-Dump increases your dump out height by 48". That is an extra 4' of clearance over a traditional bucket. And because the dump pivot point is close to the edge of the bucket you can fill wagons and trucks to their maximum levels without hassle. This also gives you more control of where the material is dumped. Give your loader or skid-steer a lift!

Exclusive Flat Bucket Design
You shouldn't have to compromise bucket quality for height. The HLA High-Dump Bucket is designed with a flat bottom to allow for easier clean out and no capacity sacrifice. Our hydraulics are located on the outside which not only gives us our exclusive flat bottom but also allows easier access for servicing.

Horst Front End Loader High Dump Bucket

Skid Steer High Dump Bucket

HLA Front End Loader High Dump Bucket

HRB60 60" High Dump Bucket 60" 17.9 23.2 870 lbs.
HRB66 66" High Dump Bucket 66" 19.9 25.9 905 lbs.
HRB72 72" High Dump Bucket 72" 21.9 28.7 955 lbs.
HRB78 78" High Dump Bucket 78" 23.9 31.5 1,050 lbs.
HRB84 84" High Dump Bucket 84" 25.9 34.3 1,085 lbs.
HRB96 96" High Dump Bucket 96" 29.9 39.9 1,190 lbs.
HRBHV60 60" High Dump Bucket High Volume 60" 24.2 28.8 980 lbs.
HRBHV66 66" High Dump Bucket High Volume 66" 26.9 32.2 1,030 lbs.
HRBHV72 72" High Dump Bucket High Volume 72" 29.5 35.5 1,100 lbs.
HRBHV78 78" High Dump Bucket High Volume 78" 32.2 38.9 1,205 lbs.
HRBHV84 84" High Dump Bucket High Volume 84" 34.9 42.3 1,230 lbs.
HRBHV96 96" High Dump Bucket High Volume 96" 40.3 49.0 1,340 lbs.
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice