H & S Model 3306 All Purpose Manure Spreader

The H & S Model all purpose spreader is a v-style, hydraulic variable speed, dual auger, rear discharge spreader designed to efficiently spread all types of manure. Truck mounts available.

The v-tank is mounted on a full-length all-welded unitized frame. The massive frame is constructed of structural steel u-channel and reinforced at all stress points. The one piece clevis hitch is lined with hardened wear plates. Hubs, spindles and walking beam assemblies are load rated. Overbuilt construction assures dependable service.

A. Endgate Height Gauge
B. Auger Variable Speed Indicator
C. Main Drive Gear View Port
D. Clean Out Pan Position Indicator

Beater overload protection is provided by a shear bolt, conveniently located on the PTO shaft.

E. A simple variable speed hydraulic drive powers the augers. Variable speed hydraulic drive requires less power and allows the operator to match auger feed rates to a wide range of manure consistencies. A pressure relief valve protects the auger drive and augers from overload damage.
F. A tractor mounted control box regulates flow to the orbit motor powering the auger drive. Objects such as rocks, lumber, steel fence posts, etc. often end up in manure loads. In the event of foreign object blockage or wedging, auger rotation can be reversed, the blockage removed and normal operation resumed.

G. The V-Tank sides and ends are constructed of corrosion resistant - copper bearing steel. The sides are 1/8" thick, ends are 3/16" thick.
H. The auger troughs are poly lined to reduce freeze up as well as clean out and clean up problems.
I. The dual 18" diameter augers are equipped with wipers and hold downs. The solid flight augers carry the load rather than undercutting - this feature along with steep sloped sides virtually eliminates manure hang up and bridging.

The H & S all purpose spreaders feature a unique auger hold-down system with no obstructions that maintains an even flow of material out the door and also eliminates any bridging or binding of material.

J. When the endgate is fully opened, the rear opening is 42" wide and 30" high. The endgate is a full 1/2" thick and reinforced at stress points. When closed, the rear gate seals tightly eliminating fluid leakage.
K. The endgate track and seals are poly lined to prevent freeze up.
L. Wear hardened shafts and bushings are used at all endgate linkage points.
M. The rear expeller beater turns at 540 RPM. The square frame beater design assembly reduces build up and delivers wide, even, chunk-free spread patterns with less vertical loft.
N. Hardened teeth are replaceable.
O. A gear box mounted twine cutter reduces twine wrapping on the drive shaft.

The shredder beater turns up to 300 RPM and is equipped with hardened replaceable teeth. Effective in shredding hard pack and tough manure, it also undercuts heaped loads forcing manure downward and through the rear endgate to the expeller beater.

Shields have been removed to show the internal beater drive. A constant velocity PTO powers both the inside shredder beater and the rear expeller beater.

The hydraulically operated clean-out door under the rear beater, remains closed during operations of the spreader. For clean-up the 10" x 47" door is opened by the hydraulic remote.

While spreading, the clean-out door is closed. Through sequential valving, this door automatically closes before the endgate raises and opens as the endgate is lowered. A shut-off valve allows the operator to bypass the auto-cycle, locking the clean-out door in the open or closed position. A door position gauge is located at the front of the spreader. The side-mounted endgate cylinder eliminates manure build up and freeze up.

Truck Mounts are available on all models of the all-purpose spreader. Industrial application upgrades are available on Models 2206, 2606 and 3306.

An optional liquid cover is available for the Model 3306. The hydraulic lid can be installed for either right or left hand operation. The lid is removable. The lid opening measures 73" x 139". The grated liquid fill opening measures 24" x 24".

Cubic Foot Struck Level 441
Gallon Capacity 3300
Bu. Capacity (Old ASAE) 684
Loading Height (Side) 77"
Height with Splashguard-Front 77"
Height with Splashguard-Rear 77"
Overall Length 25'8"
Inside Length 18'
Width of Tank Top 78"
Overall Width with 425 x 22.5 Tires 104-1/2"
Weight with Tires 8,700 lbs.
Axle Tandem
PTO Drive 1000
Copper Bearing Steel Tank Yes
Polyethylene Lined Sides Yes
Shear Bolt Protection Yes
Front and Rear Splashguards Yes
Inside Beater Yes
Auger Diameter 18"