Display Unit Maschio SM-360, 12' Seed Drill w/Dual Seed Boxes

Display Unit Maschio SM360 Seed Drill

Maschio Model SM-360, 12' Seed Drill with Primary & Secondary Seed Boxes for Alfalfa, Beans, Corn, Hemp, Warm Season Grasses & More! Carry Over Display Unit - Sale Priced!!!


  • Mechanical, Ground Drive Seeder.
  • Infinite Gearshift With Oil Cooled Cams!
  • Seeder Is Suitable For All Size Grass Seeds, Oats, Cover Crop Seeds, Hemp Seeds & Legumes.
    • Dosing Roller Accommodates Various Seed Sizes (Larger Legumes To Alfalfa/Beet Seeds).
    • Suitable For Alfalfa, Barley, Beans, Beets, Corn, Oats, Rice, Rye & Warm Season Grass Seeds, Wheat.
    • Small Seed Hopper Reduction Plate (For Smaller Seeds: Alfalfa, Beets, Canola, Clover, Rapeseed, Rye, Turnip, Etc) Are Included.

3-Point Seed Drill for Alfalfa


  • Cat 2, 3-Point Hitch.
  • Drills A 12' Wide Area.
    • Overall Width Is About 12'6".
    • Overall Length IS 12'6".
    • Overall Height IS 5'2".
  • Capacities:
    • Primary Seed Box Is 25.6 Bushels.
    • Second Small Seed Box Is 3 Bushels.
  • Row Spacing Is 6".
    • Each Row Has Aggressive, Dual Disc 'V' Notch Openers Suitable For No-Till Applications.
  • Seeder Has The Following 'Standard' Features:
    • Primary & Secondary Seed Box Agitator.
    • Primary Hopper 'Seed Level' Indicator, Visible From Tractor.
    • Level Indicator Is Mechanical And Does Not Require Electrical Connection.
    • Infinite Speed Adjustment For "Pounds Per Acre" Selection.
    • Speed Adjustment Cams Are In An Oil Bath Gearbox.
    • Manual "Seed Gate Opening" To Accommodate Various Seed Sizes.
    • Adjustable Spring Type Harrows To Ensure Soil Contact for Non-Drilled Seeds.
    • Coulters With Adjustable Down Pressure.
    • Operator Access Platform.
    • Road Light Kit.
  • Multiple Drop Tubes Ensure A Steady & Uniform Seed Distribution.
    • 25 Drops From Main Box.
    • 28 Drops From Second/Small Seed Box.
      • Clear Drop Tubes Are From The 2nd Seed Box & Are Secured In Front Of The Disc Openers.
  • Primary Box Drops Have Small & Large Dosing Rollers (Rotational Seed Cup) For Various Seed Sizes.
  • Hopper Lid Is Supported With Pneumatic Strut/Damper.
  • Detailed Seeding Chart Is Included On The Inside Of The Hopper Lid.
  • Built-In Calibration System!
  • Weight Is about 3500lb's.
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change w/o notice.
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