MK Martin / Meteor Tractor PTO & Skid Steer Snow Blowers

MK Martin 3 Point Snow Blowers MK Martin Skid Steer Snow Blowers
Tractor 3-Point Snow Blowers Skid Steer Snow Blowers

MK Martin / Meteor Tractor PTO Snow Blowers

The MK Martin / Meteor 3 Pt Snow Blowers are Built to Get your Work Off the Ground with Durable Performance and High Capacity Design. With a Range of Models From the 12 HP Compact Tractor to 125 HP Farm Tractors Available, Nothing Moves Snow Better!

Model SB75 Shown

Model SB75 Shown


  • Top Quality Gearboxes & Drive Lines Used on All Models.
  • 4 Blade Fan Standard on All Models.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Hood Rotator Kit is a Sturdy Bolt On Weldament.
  • Hand Crank with Sprocket & Rack is Cxclusive to the 46" Only.
  • Optional: Skid Shoes For All Models.
  • High Quality Comer Gearboxes.
  • High Tensile Steel Ribbon Flighting is Standard On Both Double & Single Auger Models.
  • MK Martin / Meteor Tractor Rear Mount Snow Blowers are Available in Five Colors to Fit the Way You Work. Black is the Standard Color.

Model 97D Shown

Model 97D Shown


CHUTE ROTATION – MK Martin / Meteor Skidsteer Snow Blowers Get the Snow Out of Your Way and Put it Where You Want it. Our Chute Rotators Come in Manual or Our New Bolt On Hydraulic.

SKID SHOES – For Even More Protection of Surfaces and Your Blower, Bolt On Skid Shoes are Available as an Option.

HIGH TENSILE STEEL RIBBON FLIGHTING – To Make Sure You Get the Longest Dependable Service From Your Blower all MK Martin / Meteor Skidsteers Have the Highest Quality High Tensile Steel Ribbon Flighting on the Augers for Biting Strength to Chew Through Snow.

FOUR BLADE FAN – The MK Martin / Meteor Snowblower's Four Blade Fan is Ruggedly Designed and Built to Quickly and Consistently Blow the Snow Out of the Chute.

GEARBOX – The Heart of Meteor’s Power Train is the Time Proven Comer Gearbox.

CHUTE DEFLECTOR – All Snow Blower Models Give Even More Control with a Chute Deflector That is Adjustable. Make Your Blower Even More Convenient with the Hydraulic Option.

100 RPM PTO KIT – For the 97 and 108 Models, a Kit is Available to Allow Larger Tractors to Run at 1000 RPM PTO. The Kit Also Allows the PTO to Run Straighter and Therefore More Efficiently.

3 POINT HITCH QUICK ATTACH COMPATIBLE – All Snowblower Models are Built Standard with 3 Point Hitches in Category 1 or Category 2, and are Completely Compatible with Quick Attach.

MODEL SB46 SB54 SB60 SB68 SB72 SB75 SB87S SB87D SB97S SB97D SB108D
HP (Rec.) 12HP 15HP 20HP 30HP 35HP 50HP 60HP 60HP 75HP 100HP 125HP
Cutting Width 46" 54" 60" 68" 72" 75" 87" 87" 97" 97" 108"
Cutting Edge 1/4" x 1-1/2" 3/8" x 1" 3/8" x 1" 3/8" x 1" 3/8" x 1" 1/2" x 1-1/2" 1/2" x 2" 1/2" x 2" 1/2" x 2" 1/2" x 6* 1/2" x 6*
Auger Diameter 10" 14" 14" 14" 14" 15" 19" 15" (x2) 19" 19" (x1)
15" (x1)
19" (x1)
15" (x1)
Fan Diameter 17" 21" 21" 21" 21" 23" 27" 27" 27" 32" 32"
Chute Diameter 5-1/2" 8" 8" 10" 10" 10" 12" 12" 12" 13" 13"
Chute Rotation
Std/Opt Opt/Opt NA/Opt
Chute Deflector
Std/NA Std/Opt
Main Body Height 20" 25" 29" 36" 43"
3HP Category Cat 1 Cat 1 & 2 Cat 2 Cat 2 & 3
Weight 268 lbs. 366 lbs. 396 lbs. 506 lbs. 540 lbs. 748 lbs. 1,034 lbs. 1,161 lbs. 1,106 lbs. 1,900 lbs. 1,980 lbs.
Optional 1000 RPM - - Yes
*Bolt-On and Reversible

MK Martin PTO Snow Blower

MK Martin / Meteor Skid Steer Snow Blowers

MK Martin Skid Steer Snow Blowers

The MK Martin / Meteor SkidSteer Snow Blower was Designed with Efficiency in Mind. The 2 Hydraulic Motors, One Driving the Fan and One Driving the Auger Allowed Us to Delete the Gearbox and the Drive Shaft and Sprockets to the Auger. With no Sprockets, Chain and Bearings to Maintain it Makes the MK Martin / Meteor Skid Steer Snowblower Very User Friendly and Economical to Use. The Chute Comes Standard with an Electric Rotator Allowing You to Direct the Snow Where You Want It to Go. We Provide a Manual Adjuster Bar for the Deflector, or an Optional Electric Actuator Giving the Operator Further Control Over the Direction of the Snow Stream.

MK Martin Skid Steer Snow Blowers

Skid Shoes Weld-On, 1/2 x 1-1/2
Cutting Edge Weld-On, 1/2 x 3
Auger - Tube 3" Square
Auger - Flighting 5/16 x 2-1/4
Auger - Diameter 19"
14 30
Mounting "Bobtatch"
Chute Rotation Electric
Chute Diameter 11"
Main Body Height 31"
Chute Deflector Manual Adjustment (Electric Option)
Fan Diameter 26"
Fan Shaft 2" Diameter
Weight 900 lbs. 950 lbs. 1,025 lbs.

Code "A" 14 - 17 GPM
Code "B" 18 - 20 GPM
Code "B+" 20 - 22 GPM
Code "C" 23 - 26 GPM
Code "C+" 27 - 33 GPM
Code "D" 33 - 40 GPM
Code "C" and Code "D" are Hy Flow Packages and Have an Additional Flow Control to Allow for Speed Adjustment on the Auger.
Code "D" Must be Ordered with the SSB96 Because Adequate Flow is Required to Operate this Snow Blower.
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice