Pax Bulk Feed Bins


Pax Bulk Storage Bins are the ideal structure to protect feed from weather. The weather tight die formed roof has reinforcing ribs at the seams for added strength and ease of assembly. The 22 inch diameter, warp resistant top lid closes tight to keep out moisture. Bin bolts have a built-in weather seal and a drip edge keeps water away from the taper hopper and unloading boot.

Pax bins really perform with a 60 degree taper hopper on the 6 and 9 ft. bins and 67 degree on the 7 ft. bin. The tapers are offset to allow smooth feed flow and the top lid operates smoothly with either the chain or the pinch-lock opener.

Pax bins are tough! Bin sheets are made of heavy gauge G-90 galvanized steel with 2-2/3" wide by 1/2" deep corrugation. Legs are die formed with a sturdy bracing system for structural support. High strength bolts are used throughout Pax bins.

Pax Flexible Auger Systems are the efficient way to deliver feed - almost anywhere you need it! Installation is easy and maintenance costs are low. Components are all poly or heavy galvanized steel construction. Choose Pax for versatiltiy, top performance and long service life.

Drip edge directs moisture
away from the taper hopper.

Warp resistant 22" diameter
lid opens past center to
stay clear of your fill auger.

Roof ladder is provided on all
Pax bin models. Sidewall ladder
and safety cage is available as
optional equipment.

The Pax pinch-lock lid
opener is easy to operate.

Boot attachment with the Pax split
collar allows for fast, easy installation.

A wide variety of components lets you build a feed delivery system to meet your exact requirements.

Flexible Auger for Low
Volume, Standard Volume,
High Volume, as well as
High Moisture (up to 25o)
and pellet applications.

Boots. Choose single 30o, single straight,
or double straight poly upper boot transition.
Lower boots (unloaders) are available for single,
double or twin directional installations.
All boots have a handy cleanout door.

Poly drop outlets. Three
sizes are available with
shutoffs and a variety of
options to meet most
any requirement.

Controls. Mechanical & electronic
switches offer reliable system
control - and the Pax minimum
run timer helps protect
against feed wastage.

Discharge Heads with safety shutoff
come prewired or water resistant. They
are available in single or double line
- and they are a strong platform for
gear or belt drive (not shown).

Flag System or Feed Line Extensions
can be made with the accessories
shown above.