Peruzzo Front Mount Flail Mower Decks
for Kubota Front Mount Mowers

Peruzzo Front Flail Mower for Kubota F3680

With the Peruzzo ‘Front Mount Flail Deck’, you can mow the Thickest & Toughest Stands of Tall Grass, Field Grasses, Weeds, Brush, and even small saplings with Fantastic Results - View the Video below! The Peruzzo Flail Deck also provides an Excellent Finish Cut for Professional Turf & Lawn Applications, while producing a Beautiful Striped Appearance - View Photos below! Plus, with the Variety of Blades Available, it can be used in most any application! With the Standard ‘Y’ Blades, Mow thru any thick stand of vegetation with the least resistance transferred back to your tractor. For a Level, Carpet Like Finish, use the Optional Forged & Hardened Hammer Blades. The Optional Forged & Hardened Hammer Blades will also provide a longer Blade life when mowing in areas with rocks, or other solid objects. Photos of available Blades are at the bottom of this page.

For many of our Commercial Mowing Customers, using the ‘Kubota w/Flail Deck Package’ has provided the BEST R.O.I. & Provided a Significant Competitive Edge! Consider the Following & Calculate your own R.O.I.:

  • Much Lower Initial Cost:
    • Cost of a ‘Kubota w/Flail Deck Package’ can be less than the cost of a compact, or sub-compact tractor & mower.
  • Greater Portability:
    • Trailering a Kubota with a Flail Deck requires less trailer space, so a smaller, less expensive trailer can be used.
    • Since the Package weighs less, it will be much easier on your towing vehicle, and consume less fuel.
  • The Kubota with Flail Deck provides Much Greater Access & Maneuverability in restricted areas (such as mowing Solar Arrays in Solar Farms, in Nursery's, in Orchards, Vineyards, etc.).
  • The Superior, Single Pass Cut of the Peruzzo Flail Mower Eliminates the Inefficiency of Multiple Passes to achieve a satisfactory cut! No More Repeat Trips to flatten out undesirable clumps & wind rows of clippings, or uncut strips!

Additional Advantages & Efficiencies:

  • Deck Will NOT Plug From Moist or Wet Clippings!
  • Rear Discharge Prevents Clippings From Blowing Back on Operator & Machine - Get On Clean, Mow & Get Off Clean!
  • Clippings Don't Clump Up & Wind Row - No Second or Third Passes to Clean-Up Poor Performance & Unsightly Results!
  • Since This Deck Cuts & Grooms Beautifully in Short or Tall & Thick Grasses, the Pressure is OFF to Mow Every Week!
  • In Fact, MANY of our Customers Have Been Relieved of the Pressure to Mow Every Week, and Are Now Mowing Bi-Weekly, or Monthly & Some Bi-Monthly! In Addition to Being Relieved From the Demand to Mow, They Are Also Keeping Hours Down on The Mowers, Reducing Fuel Consumption & Other Obvious Expenses, and Most of All, They've Been Able to Return to Mowing for Personal Therapy...Smiling & Singing While They Mow!
  • Also, The Universal & Multi-Purpose Mowing Features, With The Rugged & Durable Construction of These Peruzzo Decks Will End The Thrashing of Finish Mower Decks & The Inefficiency of Cutting Half The Mowing Width When Using The Original Rotary Finish Decks in Taller & Thicker Grasses!

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Peruzzo Flail Mower Blades

MODEL 1600HD 1800HD
Applicable Kubota Models F2690/E, F2880, F3060, F3080, F3560, F3680, F3890, F3990 F3560, F3680, F13890, F3990
Mowing Width 60" 72"
Overall Width 70" 79"
Overall Length 45" 45"
Weight 551 lbs. 615 lbs.
Quantity of "Y" Flail Blades 96 116
Quantity of Hammer Blades 48 58
Tires 11x4.00-5 Solid
Mowing Height Range 0.5" to 3.5"
NOTE: Optional Spacers MUST be Used on Cab Models to avoid damage to Cab during Hydraulic elevating of Mower Deck!
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change