Peruzzo Robofox Remote Controlled Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Remote Control Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Robofox Remote Controlled Flail Mowers - Available with Kohler 28HP Engine or Electric Motor.


The Robofox Electra is a Self-Propelled, Remote Controlled Flail Mower Equipped with Full Electric Propulsion, both for the Advancement and for the Cutting Head Drive, Designed to Shred Grass, Shrubs and Brushwood Up to 1" in Diameter on Steep Slopes in Full Respect of the Surrounding Environment.
The Powerful Batteries Supplied with the Robofox Electra Machine Guarantee Use of About 2/3 Hours (Depending on the Working Conditions), Without any Emission on Environment and in Absolute Silence. These Prerogatives Allow It to be Used in Urban Areas where the Absence of Pollution and Quietness is Essential in Order to Increase the Life Quality and not Disturbing the Public Peace. The Battery Pack is Easily Replaceable, Allowing the Machine Working Time to Double.


The Robofox Hybrid is a Self-Propelled, Radio-Controlled Flail Mower Designed for Mulching Grass, Bushes, Brushwood and Twigs on Steep Slopes, Ensuring a Total Absolute Safety for the Operator. The Low Gravity Center and the Robust Tracks with a Shaped Profile, Allow the Machine to Operate with Maximum Grip on Uneven and Sloping Areas.
Equipped with a 22.5HP Engine, Which is Optimal to Power the 35" Cutting Head of the Cutting Width, the Propulsion is Provided by Two Powerful Brushless Electric Motors which Move the Robofox on the Ground. The Robofox is Able to Move, Thanks to Two Batteries, Even Without Gas Engine Ignition: this Function Ensures the Operator the Ability to Move the Machine in Closed Spaces without Breathing the Engine Exhaust Fumes and the Possibility of Returning Back in Case of Engine Failure. The Machine is Equipped with Drift Control, which Guarantees the Machine Linear Drive, Even on the Most Slippery Slopes. The Compact Dimensions of the Machine Guarantee it's Use Even in Tight or Restricting Areas, Such as Grass Mowing Under Solar Panels or Narrow Paths.


  • The Robofox has been Designed for Total Machine Part Protection, with a High Quality Steel Body with Integrated Rollbar Protection.
  • These Radio Controlled Flail Mowers have been Designed with High Quality Products Such as Bosch Engines, Electric Power Packs and Radio Control Made in Italy.
  • Electric Circuits are Constantly Controlled by the Machine, if There is an Irreglarity in Operation, it is Promptly Blocked for Total Safety of Machine for Nearby People or Things.
  • The Front Flail Mower can be Lifted by Means of 2 Electric Actuators which Adjust the Cutting Height or Facilitates the Passage on Scope or Rough Grounds.
  • The Full-Electric Transmission Reduces the Amount of Lubricants.
  • The Robofox Electra has the Lowest Center of Gravity Compared to Similar Machines on the Market.
  • No Hydraulic System Needed.

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Remote Control Flail Mowers

Engine Type Kohler Command Pro CV 680 Electric
Engine Power 28HP @ 3600 RPM Mower: 10KW
Tracks: 1.5KW x 2
Fuel Gas Battery
Fuel Tank 4 Gallons Battery: 20KW - 9.9KWH
Remote Control Range 500'ft'
Braking System Automatic Negative Brake
Turning Speed 0-2.5MPH Slow, 0-4MPH Fast
Maximum Working Speed 4MPH
Dimensions 82" x 41" x 34"
Slope Angle 45° 55°
Weight 1,366 lbs. 1,234 lbs.
Cutting Width 36"
Flail Shaft Rotation 2900RPM
Drive Transmission Teeth Belt for Gearbox Nr. 1 + Flail Shaft Nr. 1 Direct Engine Drive to Mower + Nr. 2 Belts for Flail Shaft
Flails Stop 3 sec. 2 sec.
Cutting Adjustment With Actuators Cylinder
Cutting Height 0.5" - 5"
Cutting Flails Nr. 48, "Y" Flails
Safety Stop On Remote Control and on Machine
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change