Peruzzo Scorpion Series Front Mount Flail Mowers

The SCORPION Front Mount Flail Mower is Suitable for any Mowing or Mulching Application. Whether it’s Simple Manicuring of Grass, Mulching of Tall, Thick & Heavy Stands of Vegetation, or Mulching of Pruning’s, Expect Peruzzo Flail Mowers (with the Highest Population of Blades and a High Speed Rotor) to Provide Excellent Results!


  • The Peruzzo Scorpion 1600 Flail Mower Has 100 (50 Pairs) of 4mm (5/32"), Double Sided 'Y' Blades, the 1800HD Model Has 116 (58 Pairs) of 5mm (13/64"), Double Sided 'Y' Blades - Peruzzo Flail Mowers Always Have the Highest Population of Blades to Provide the Best Possible Cut, and to Reduce the Burden on your Tractor!
  • Peruzzo Mower Gearboxes Include an Over-Running Clutch, Which Provides Two Advantages:
    • First, Easy Alignment & Attachment of the Mowers PTO Shaft to the Tractors PTO Shaft:
      • The O.R. Clutch Enables you to Freely Spin the PTO Shaft & Gearbox for Alignment!
    • Second, Smooth Shut Down:
      • The O.R. Clutch Allows the Mower Gearbox to Free Wheel to a Stop, Eliminating Abrupt Shutdowns!
  • Rear Roller Height Adjustment Varies from 1/4" to 4".
  • Front Gauge Wheels Height Adjustment Varies From 1/4" to 4".
  • Flail Mowers Provide a Better Cut Than Standard Rotary Mowers, Plus with the Knife Like 'Y' Blades on This Flail Mower, You Can Cut up to 2" Diameter Material & Still Get an Excellent Finish Cut Too!
  • To Mow as Much as Possible in One Pass, Consider Adding the Peruzzo Elk Cross 1600, 60" Ditch Bank Flail Mower (in Addition to the 60" or 72" Scorpion) & You Can Get Up to 11' of Mowing in One-Pass, Along with All the Articulation & Convenience of the Elk Cross Ditch Bank Mower!
  • These Decks are Available For Case IH, John Deere, (Older) Kubota, LS, New Holland & Massey Ferguson Front Hitches.
    • For Both Models 1600 & 1800HD: Tractors Must Have a Mid-PTO for the Front Mounted Mower.
  • Mower Ships Complete Including PTO Shaft!

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Peruzzo Scorpion Series Front Mowers

MODEL 1600 1800HD
Min/Max Horsepower 30-60HP 35-60HP
Working Width 60" 72"
Number of 'Y' Type Blades 100 (50 Pairs) 116 (58 Pairs)
Weight 497 lbs. 517 lbs.
Overall Width 73" 85"
Overall Length 32"
Maximum Cutting Diameter 2"
Specifications Are Subject to Change