Peruzzo Fox Series Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox Series Flail Mowers

The Peruzzo, Center Mounted 3-Point Ditch Bank Flail Mowers for 15-25 HP Tractors offer many standard features, provide superior cuts, and the safest operation:

Flail Mowers Are The Safest Mowers Available:
The Possibility of Discharging Dangerous Projectiles is Reduced dramatically compared to rotary mowers!
Flail Mowers Also are the Easiest for your Tractors 3-Point to handle. The Much Shorter Length of the Mower Deck Significantly Reduces the Physical Burden on Your Tractor & 3-Point, Making Mowing, Handling & Transport Much More Stable & Safer for Any Size Tractor, Especially for Compact & Utility Size Tractors!
Flail Mowers provide a better cut than standard Rotary Mowers plus with the Universal 'Hammer' Blades on this Flail Mower, you can cut up to 2" diameter material and get a very good finish cut too. To get the best finish cut, the Hammer Blades must be as sharp as possible (which can be done with an angle grinder). To get the maximum cutting capacity of 2", your tractor will need to have the maximum recommended HP.
The Fox 1000 Flail Mower is equipped with a rear roller to suspend the weight of the mower, and to also provide cutting height adjustments, and is ideal for a wide range of applications, such as: general Finish & Rough Cut Mowing, Ditch Bank Mowing, Tree & Fence Line Mowing, Mowing next to Buildings/Structures, Solar Array Site Mowing, Produce/Vegetable Residue Pulverizing/Chopping, Orchard & Vineyard Pruning Mowing, Vertical Hedge Type Trimming & Much, Much More!

Peruzzo Fox Series 3Pt Flail Mowers


Peruzzo Fox Park Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox Garden Flail Mowers

Easy Adjustment Belt Tightener.

Peruzzo Fox Fraise Mowers

A) 'Y' Type Flail Blade.
B) 'Y' Type Flail with Verticut Blade for Dethatching.
C) Verticut Blade.
D) Heavy Duty Solid Cast Steel Hammer Blade (does not work w/Verticut Dethatching Blades).
E) Formed Steel Hammer Blade Suitable for use with Verticut Dethatching Blades.

Peruzzo Fox Series PTO Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox Series Tractor 3 Point Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox Series Tractor Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox Series Fixed Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox Series Rear Mounted Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox Tractor 3 Point Vegetation Mowers

Peruzzo Fox 3 Point Vegetable Patch Mowers

Peruzzo Fox Offset Flail Mower Verticut Action
Add the Optional Vertical Blade for the Verticut Feature.

Peruzzo Fox Flail Mower Gauge Wheels
Optional Gauge Wheels

FOX 1000
Horsepower 15 - 25 HP
Working Width 39"
Number of Flail Blades 64
Number of Paddle Blades 32
Weight 331 lbs.
RPM 540
Overall Width 51"
Overall Length 32"
Overall Height 25"
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice