Peruzzo Elephant Series
Grass Pruning/Shredder Collection Hopper Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Elephant Grass Pruning Shredder Flail Mower with Catcher

Peruzzo Elephant Heavy Duty Flail Collection Mower for 85-140 Tractor HP.
The Peruzzo ELEPHANT Grass/Pruning Shredder is a Very Heavy Duty Flail Mower, Similar to Canguro Professional but with Thicker Sheet Metal. Used for Excellent Grass Cut & Pruning/Shredding up to 3" in Diameter, Collecting All Processed Products in the Same Time, with High Lift Discharge Directly on a Truck by Sturdy Hydraulic Jacks. This Equipment will Provide You with the Ability to Prune & Shred Wood Branches & Heavy Grass Cut On Rough Grounds for a Long Lasting Work. Perfect for Use by Municipalities, Highway Departments, Airports, Agriculture Fields, Orchards & Forestry.

Peruzzo Elephant Tractor 3 Point Compost Flail Mower and Collector

Peruzzo Elephant Tractor 3-Point Compost Collector Mower

Peruzzo Elephant PTO Grass Pruning Shredder Flail Mower

Peruzzo Elephant Tractor 3Pt Grass Pruning Shredder Flail Mower

Peruzzo Elephant Flail Mower Hammer Flail Super Model
Elephant Super 2000 Hammer

Horsepower 85-130 HP 90-140 HP
Working Width 79" 87"
Number of Hammer Flails 28 30
Weight 2,574 lbs. 2,800 lbs.
RPM 540 540
Collection Hopper Capacity 83 cu. ft. / 3.1 cu. yards 92 cu. ft. / 3.4 cu. yards
Overall Width 95" 103"
Overall Length 91" 91"
Overall Height 65" 65"
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice