Peruzzo Elk Series Flail Mowers:

Reversible Hitch & Gearbox For Front or Rear 3-Point Mounting

Peruzzo Elk Tractor Front & Rear Mount Offsetable Flail Mower
Elk 1600 Front & Rear 3-Point Flail Mower With Gage Wheels & Hydraulic Offset

Peruzzo Elk Flail Mowers & Pruning Shredders
Peruzzo’s Elk Series Flail Mowers are Engineered to Produce Excellent Results in Any Application: For Fine, Carpet Like Grooming & Manicuring of Professional & Commercial Turf, as well as Mowing in the Most Demanding, Tallest & Thickest Stands of Vegetation! With It’s Universal Design, We Have Some Customers Grooming Golf Course Fairways & Mowing the Rough, Some Grooming Large Estate & Acreage Lawns, Some Maintaining Livestock Pastures, and Others Shredding ‘After Harvest’ Produce Residue & Cover Crop Termination, and Some Just Finish Mowing Their Large Lawns – All With The Same Standard Hammer Blades! To Achieve as Even, Flat & Level Cut as Possible, Consider Using The Front Gage Wheels & Standard Hammer Blades with the Top Link Attached to the Oval Pin Hole!
In Applications For Shredding Smaller Diameter Prunings in Vineyards & Orchards, the Standard Hammer Blades Will Perform Well, But For Shredding Larger Prunings, or Other Demanding Applications, the Model 1600 & 1800 Elk Flail Mowers Are Available With Larger, Heavy Duty Hammer Blades (see images at bottom of page).

Peruzzo Elk Tractor Front Mount Offsetable Flail Mower
Elk 1600 Flail Mower With Gage Wheels Finish Mowing Field Grasses

Solar Field Mower
Elk 1600 Flail Mower Mowing Tall Weeds & Field Grasses

Peruzzo Elk Flail Mower Paddle Flails
Standard Forged & Hardened Solid Steel Hammer Blade

Peruzzo Elk Flail Mower Hammer Flails
Optional Heavy Duty Forged & Hardened Solid Steel Hammer Blade. Typically Used For Mulching Large Diameter Vineyard & Orchard Prunings & Other Demanding Applications.

MODEL ELK 1600 ELK 1800 ELK 2000
Horsepower 30-60HP 40-70HP 40-80HP
Working Width 60" 72" 79"
Quantity of Large HD Hammer Blades 20 24 N/A
Quantity of Standard Hammer Blades 48 58 64
Weight 816 lbs. 882 lbs. 970 lbs.
RPM 540
Overall Width 77" 89" 97"
Overall Length 44"
Overall Height 32"
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change