Peruzzo Fox S Side Shift Series Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox S Flail Mowers

Rear Mounted Side Shift Flail Mower for 15 to 30 Tractor HP.
The FOX S Side Shift Flail Mower was Made Due to Requests for a Light Flail Mower with Manual or Hydraulic Offset Options & is Suitable for 15 to 30 Tractor HP. Flail Options Accomodate Applications for Grass or Small Branches. The Fox S Flail Mower is Applicable to Rolling Ground, Grass Fields, Municipalities & Sports Grounds. It's High RPM on the Flail Shaft & Quantity of Flails Gives an Excellent Cut & Mulching Quality. Excellent Verticut Action is Done by Adding the Vertical Blade. It Can be Fitted on Rear Tractor 3 Point Linkage.

Peruzzo Fox S Offset Tractor 3 Point Flail Mowers


Peruzzo Fox S Tractor Park Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox S 3Pt Garden Flail Mowers

Easy Adjustment Belt Tightener.

Peruzzo Fox S Tractor PTO Fraise Mowers

A) Flail "Y" for Mulching Cut with 4mm Thickness.
B) Flail "Y" for Mulching with 4mm Thickness + Verticut Blade with 3mm Thickness.
C) Verticut Flail with 3mm Thickness.
D) Heavy Duty Paddle Flail with 5mm Thickness for High Grass & Small Branches.
E) Paddle Flail with 3mm Thickness for a Fine & Even Cut on Grass Fields Only.

Peruzzo Fox S Offset Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox S Offsetable 3 Point Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox-S Offset Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox-S Offsetable PTO Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox S Offsetable Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox-S Offset Tractor 3Pt Flail Mowers

Peruzzo FoxS Offset Flail Mower Verticut Action
Add the Optional Vertical Blade for the Verticut Feature.

Peruzzo Fox-S Offset Tractor 3 Pt Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Fox-S Tractor 3Pt Vegetable Patch Mowers

Peruzzo FoxS Flail Mower Gauge Wheels
Optional Gauge Wheels

Peruzzo Fox-S Flail Mower Offset Diagram
Offset Diagram

MODEL FOX-S 1200 FOX-S 1400 FOX-S 1600
Horsepower 18 - 28 HP 20 - 22 HP 22 - 30 HP
Working Width 47" 55" 60"
Number of Flail Blades 80 88 100
Number of Paddle Blades 40 44 50
Weight 397 lbs. 426 lbs. 463 lbs.
RPM 540 - 1000
Overall Width 59" 63" 71"
Overall Length 36"
Overall Height 31"
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice