Peruzzo Koala Pro Series Collection Hopper Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Koala Professional Collection Hopper Flail Mower

Peruzzo Koala Pro Rear Mounted Flail Collection Mower with Hydraulic Lift for 25 Tractor HP.
The New Flail Mower KOALA PROFESSIONAL is a Smaller Series Made for 25HP Compact Tractors with a Minimum Weight of 2,000 lbs & Offers the Ability to Cut Grass, Verticut Action & Collection in the Same Time. The Koala Series Uses the Patented Flails for High Grass Cutting Performance with Verticut Operation. This High Lift Collector System is Especially Suitable for Contractors, Greenskeepers & End Users. The KOALA Can Discharge the Cut Products Directly on the Ground by Means of a Manual Lever or by Hydraulic Jack Ground or High Discharge Option. The Gear Box is Supplied with Overrun Clutch for Users & Machine Safety.

The KOALA PRO Series is Perfect for Many Tasks, Including Organic Debris Collection, an All-in-One Flail Mower, Dethatcher & Collection System & is Perfect for Use in Stadiums & Golf Courses & Many Other Professional Applications.

Peruzzo Koala Pro Collection Hopper Flail Mower


Peruzzo Koala Pro Tractor 3 Point Compost Mower and Collector

Flail Mower with Collector

3 Point Flail Shredder and Compost Collector

Easy Rear Roller Cutting Height Adjustment with Outer Side Spanner Operation.

Golf Course Flail Mower

Simple & Quick Cutting Height Adjustment on Front Wheels.

Tractor 3-Point Organic Compost Collector Mower

A) Flails for Grass Cut+Verticut+Collection
B) Heavy Duty Paddle Flail.

A) Flails for Grass Cut+Verticut+Collection
B) Heavy Duty Paddle Flail

The Electronically Balanced Rotor is Well Populated with Hammer Style Blades:

  • Model 1200: 40 Hammer Style Blades
  • Model 1600: 50 Hammer Style Blades

Verticutting Flail Mower

With the Verticut Blade You Can Cut, Verticut & Collect in One Pass.

Peruzzo Flail Mower and Collector

The Groove-Roller Brush, Driven Hydraulically, is Intended to Raise Grass Flattened by the Wheels of the Tractor. Intended for Use on the Pitch in Stadiums.

Peruzzo Koala Professional Hammer Flail Blade
Hammer Flail

Peruzzo Koala Pro Heavy Duty Hammer Flails
Heavy Duty Hammer Flail

Mower with Collector
Verticut Flail

Peruzzo Flail Mower with Collector
Verticut Flail Knives

Peruzzo Koala Pro Flail Mowers

Collection Hopper Vegetable Patch Mowers

Dethatching Flail Mower

3-Point Flail Collector

Flail Mower Collector for Sale

Professional 3 Point Flail Mowers

Peruzzo Collection Hopper Flail Mowers
Koala Pro with Collection Hopper for Use in a Stadium

Peruzzo Plastic Collection Hopper Flail Mower
New Grass Catcher Made of Plastic (ABS) with Protecting Metal Bumper.

Peruzzo Tractor PTO Park Flail Mowers

Orchard Flail Mower

Peruzzo Koala Professional Flail Mowers

Pickup Mulch Branches Prunings

PTO Powered Flail Mowers

Mower That Collects Clippings

Flail Mower High Dump Collection Hopper
High Dump Collection Hopper

Hydraulic Collection Hopper Flail Mower

Peruzzo Koala Professional Collection Hopper Vegetation Cutters

Peruzzo Flail Mower High Dump Collection Hopper

Flail Mower Verti Cut Action
Verti-Cut Feature Example

Lawn Dethatching Mower
Verti-Cut Feature Example

Flail Mower on a Golf Course
The Koala Pro is Perfect for Use on a Golf Course

Tractor PTO Flail Mowers

Horsepower 25 HP 30 HP
Working Width 47" 60"
Number of Flail Blades 40 50
Weight 728 lbs. 860 lbs.
Collection Hopper Capacity 25cu feet 32cu feet
RPM 540 540
Overall Width 57" 69"
Overall Length 57" 57"
Overall Height 59" 59"
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice