Peruzzo Panther Series Multi-Purpose
Collection Flail Mower With
Ground Discharge Hopper

Peruzzo Panther Collection Hopper Flail Mower
Panther 2000 Grooming Sod Farm Turf & Collecting Clippings for Debris Free Results

Peruzzo Panther Flail Collection Mowers
Peruzzo Collection Flail Mowers are Engineered for Excellent Results in Any Application; For Fine, Carpet Like Grooming & Manicuring of Professional & Commercial Turf, as well as Mowing in the Most Demanding, Tallest, Thickest Stands of Vegetation, with the Same Blades! With Peruzzo’s Universal Feature, we have Golf Course Customers Grooming Fairway’s, Mowing the Rough, Collecting Leaves & Pine Needles, and Verti-Cutting (While Collecting Verti-Cutting Debris) with the Same Flail Collection Mower! We also have Customers Grooming & Dethatching Large Estate & Acreage Lawns, as well as Mowing Tall, Thick Stands of Various Field Grasses, Again, with the Same Collection Mower & the Same Blades!

Peruzzo Panther Collection Hopper PTO Flail Mower
Panther 1800 Verti-Cutting & Collecting Verti-Cut Spoils on Golf Course Greens

Peruzzo Panther Tractor 3-Point Organic Compost Mower and Collector
Panther 1600 Collection Flail Mower with Hopper Door Open. Elevating Tractors 3-Point will Complete the Emptying Process.

Peruzzo Panther 3 Point Organic Compost and Manure Collector
Panther 1800 Mowing & Collecting Clippings on Grass Aircraft Staging Areas & Grass Aircraft Runways

Peruzzo Panther Tractor Organic Flail Shredder and Compost Collector
Panther 1800 Mowing & Collecting Clippings on Grass Aircraft Staging Areas & Grass Aircraft Runways

Peruzzo Panther Hopper Flail Mower
Panther 1600 Collection Flail Mower Finish Mowing Stadium Turf

Peruzzo Panther 3Pt Collection Hopper Flail Mower
Panther Flail Collection Mower Grooming Around Golf Course Greens & Sand Traps

Peruzzo Panther Tractor Collection Hopper Flail Mower
Front View of the Panther 1800 Collection Flail Mower


Peruzzo Panther Collection Tractor 3-Point Compost Mower and Collector
Rear Access Door to Rotor Compartment for Ergonomically Safe & Easy Visual Inspection & Service

Peruzzo Koala Professional Hammer Flail Blade
Formed Steel Hammer Blade

Peruzzo Koala Pro Heavy Duty Hammer Flails
Forged & Hardened Solid Steel Blade

Peruzzo Koala Pro Verticut Flail
Hardox Verti-Cut Blade:
Use Independently Or With Formed Steel Hammer Blades.
Paddle Blades (not shown) For Debris Propulsion Recommended
When Used Without Formed Hammer Blades

Peruzzo Koala Pro Verticut Flail Knives
Formed Steel Hammer Blades:
Left Image Shows Nested Verti-Cut Blade for
Simultaneous Mowing & Verti-Cutting

Peruzzo Koala Collection Hopper Flail Mower Verticut
Verti-Cutting Recommendations

Horsepower 30-40HP 40-65HP 50-70HP 60-80HP
Working Width 48" 60" 72" 79"
Number of Flail Blades 38 48 58 64
Weight 1,036 lbs. 1,178 lbs. 1,320 lbs. 1,510 lbs.
Collection Hopper Capacity 1.6Cu Yards 2Cu Yards 2.35Cu Yards 2.75Cu Yards
RPM 540
Overall Width 60" 72" 84" 98"
Overall Length 67"
Overall Height 57"
Weights are Less Pallets, Crates & PTO Shaft.
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change