PFM Rock Picker

The rugged PFM Series 500-10 and 500-20 hydraulic powered rock pickers are the simplest, most economical approach to continuous picking machines for stones, rocks, windrows, and boulders. The simple design and straight forward picking action results in a highly reliable machine with minimum maintenance and excellent performance for years to come.

The rugged double wrap around frame is all welded and constructed from heavy wall 5" square tubing. The reel assembly features spring cushion action, individual hard surfaced teeth with heavy wall tube and carbon shafting and pins. The 1 1/4 cubic yard hopper on the 500-10 model and the 2 1/4 cubic yard hopper on the 500-20 model are constructed from 3/16" and 1/4" plate, square tube and angle on the grated bottom. The heavy duty pivot bucket hinges provide high strength and hopper stability. These features make the PFM rock picker the strongest and most durable on the market. It is built to stand up to the extra abuse demanded of rock removal equipment.

Rock removal equipment is essential to modern farming practice. Investment in a PFM rock picker will greatly reduce down time and damage to tillage and harvesting equipment. The simple, highly efficient valve and remote switch box hydraulic system gives the farmer the convenience to control all rock picker functions separately without leaving the tractor.

A standard 3x8 hydraulic cylinder positions rock picker for rock alignment or shifts the machine into transport position without the operator leaving the tractor.

500-10: Category 1 rated at 930 vertical pounds and 29,866 draft pounds. Clevis is standard with hitch, rated at 7,893 pull pounds and fits 1" drawpin size.

500-20: Category 3 rated at 4,008 vertical pounds and 56,888 draft pounds. Clevis is standard with hitch, rated at 12,586 pull pounds and fits 1" drawpin size.

Has several important advantages over PTO drive systems including safety, no vibration, and sharper turning. The reel can be reversed for clearing. The hydraulic motor has a built-in cross over relief valve, eliminating shock loads. RPM of reel can be varied by changing the volume of oil without changing tractor ground speed. Hydraulic tractor requirements: 12 GPM @ 1500 PSI with dual hydraulic system.

Features high carbon steel with individual hard-surfaced teeth. The reel is equipped with heavy duty tines and spring cushion trip action. The large diameter reel and longer tines on scoop are positioned to provide easy pick up and more efficient transfer of rock to the bucket. The design and heavy construction will give the user years of continuous and efficient rock picking in tough conditions.

The dual system provides smooth even lift when picking stubborn rocks or dumping on uneven terrain. Hoses from implement to tractor are included. 500-10: Two are provided on tine scoop (3 x 8) and one on the hopper lift (3 1/2 x 18). 500-20: Two are provided on tine scoop (3 x 8) and two on the hopper lift (3 1/2 x 30).

Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice