Rinaldi TST-150 3-Point
Stone, Vegetation & Residue Buriers/Inverters

R2 Rinaldi TST150 Stone Burier Tiller
Shown with 'Extra Wide' Mesh Roller

Professional Series: Rinaldi Model TST150, 60" Burier
Expect This Burier & ALL Of The Equipment We Sell To Be Quality Equipment That Will Serve You Well For A Lifetime And Provide A Good Resale Value Too!


  • Heavy Duty Oil Bath Gear Box & Side Drive.
  • Rear 'Mesh Roller' for Soil Conditioning & Height Adjustment.
    • The 'Extra Wide' Mesh Roller is Wider Than the Burier's Working Width to Compress Side Ridges of Soil.
  • Optional Seed Box Has Built-In Brushes, Which are Better Than Agitators for Lighter, Non-Fluid Seeds.
  • Ships Complete Including a 540RPM PTO Shaft.
    • Cam Clutch Drive Line Protection is Built into the Center Gearbox to Side Drive System.


  • Bury Rocks, Stones, Sod, Vegetation, etc, and Leave a Groomed, Finished & Conditioned Seed Bed/Upper Soil Surface:
    • See Below Sample Video for Performance Reference.
  • This Burier is the Most Efficient, Single Pass Attachment for:
    • Seed Bed Preparation, Sod Inversion, etc.
    • Inverting Vegetation/Organic Matter (sod, cover crops, green manure, chicken litter, livestock manure, etc.):
      • Substitute for Discing, Harrowing, Power Raking, Pulverizing, Tilling, Cover Crop Terminating, etc.
    • Post Construction Clean-up, Soil Preparation for Grading, Landscaping, etc.
    • Land/Soil Reclamation.
    • Rock & Stone Management (Max 2" in dense concentrations, 3" in sporadic concentrations):
      • Substitutes for Hand Picking, Raking, Scraping, Scooping & Wind Rowing of Rocks & Stones.
    • In Equestrian/Horse Arenas, Paddocks, Race/Practice Tracks, etc. afflicted with rocks, stones, etc.
    • On Dirt Racing Tracks for Moto-Cross/Dirt Bikes, Sprint Cars, Demo Derby Racing, Flat Tracks, etc.
  • Results Vary Widely Based on Soil Types, Soil Condition, and Type & Density of Material to be Buried/Inverted.
  • Optional Seed Box Seeding Follows Conditioned Soil, Then The Mesh Rollers Ensure Soil Contact for the Seeds, as Well as Working Depth Control & Soil Conditioning.

PTO Powered Stone Buriers Inverters
Shown with 'Extra Wide' Mesh Roller

PTO Powered Residue Buriers Inverters
Shown with 'Extra Wide' Mesh Roller

Stone Burier Mesh Roller
Shown with 'Extra Wide' Mesh Roller

R2 Rinaldi Buriers
Shown with 'Extra Wide' Mesh Roller

Tractor Stone Burier for Sale
Shown with 'Extra Wide' Mesh Roller

Seed Bed Preparation Burier Tiller
Shown with Optional Seed Box & Mesh Roller

Single Pass PTO Vegetation Burier Tiller
Shown with Optional Seed Box & Mesh Roller

Tractor Tiller for Vegetation Inverting
Shown with Optional Seed Box & Mesh Roller

Tractor Horsepower 30 - 40 HP
Hitch Clevis Style, Cat 1
Working Width 60"
Overall Width 67"
Working Depth 5-1/2"
Number of Flanges 11
(4 Blades per Flange on 9 Center Flanges, 2 Blades per Flange on 2 End Flanges for a Total of 40 Blades)
Rotor 540 RPM
Weight 627 lbs.
(Optional Seedbox Adds About 100lb's.)
  • Mesh Roller with 11" Diameter with Mud Scrapers & Manual Depth Adjustment
  • Seedbox with Capacity of About 4 Bushels
Weights are Less Pallets, Crates & PTO Shaft.
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice