Selvatici Series 120.75 Tractor 3-Point Soil Spading Machines

Selvatici Series 120.75 Tractor Spading Machine

Moderate Depth Rotary Spading Machines, Heavy Duty and Compact, Ideal for Use on Compact Tractors. All Selvatici Spading Machines have an adjustable hood with lever touch, accident prevention mechanisms, and mounding soil containment devices in accordance with current standards.


  • 3-Point Hitch Cat. I-II.
  • Direct Toothed Gearing (M8, 2 Helical). When using spaders with a tractor equipped with a wide range of forward running and PTO Speeds, the gearbox becomes impractical, resulting in an increase in cost weight and consumption. PdF. 540 = 167 RpM PdF.750 = 232 RpM.
  • Protected PTO Shaft with Clutch.
  • Prelubricated sealed bearings without maintenance.
  • Slides for depth adjustment.
  • Adjustable Hood.
  • Adjustable Spillway.
  • Bulkhead side land for containment free option:
    • Hood cover with spikes.
    • Prelubricated bearing of connecting rods.
    • Thin Slides: 4".

Selvatici 3 Point Tilling Spading Machines

Selvatici 120.75 Series Spading Machines

Selvatici Spading Machine Standard Features:

  • Selvatici Spading Machines achieve land drainage and reduction of the risk of soil being washed down off slopes, since the cultivated soil does not rest on the hard layer. This avoids a typical negative characteristic of land worked using other tilling equipment.
  • Working of the soil is homogeneous throughout the width of the machine, turning the soil in a uniform manner so as to assist in ploughing in the fertilizer, manure or stubble.
  • The Selvatici Spading Machines yield tilled soil with a flat surface and clods that are regular in size, so that it is often possible to proceed with sowing or planting immediately. The spades enter the soil one at a time, allowing a minimum use of tractor power, and they last longer because they only work in descent.
  • The Selvatici Spading Machines are the only implement that doesn't form compact and tight soil beds where it passes. Consequently, the roots are not hindered from growing, nor is moisture hindered from getting to the roots. Priming in the slopes, it does not CAUSE the dangerous phenomena of soil erosion.
  • Selvatici Spading Machines reduce fuel consumption compared to conventional tilling processes like plowing, ripping and milling.
  • Selvatici Spading Machines are the only implement always resulting in the clod turning over and allows the soil to air quickly, eliminating noxious weeds with their roots.
  • Selvatici Spading Machines are the only implement requiring no tractive or braking effort from the tractor, meaning that it can also be used on steep grades without any inconvenience and in a safe manner.

Model W904 W1004 W1104 W1306 W1456 W1606 W1808 W2008
Working Width 35" 39" 43" 51" 57" 63" 71" 79"
Minimum HP 25 HP 35 HP 40 HP
Maximum HP 75 HP
Number of Spades 4 6 8
Weight 838 lbs. 860 lbs. 882 lbs. 1,080 lbs. 1,102 lbs. 1,124 lbs. 1,367 lbs. 1,411 lbs.
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice