Selvatici Aeroking Series 400.95 Aerators

Selvatici Series 400.95 Aeroking Aerators

The Selvatici 400.95 Series Aerators are extremely compact machines. As the center of gravity of these Aeroking Aerators is closer to the tractor, the lower arm is smaller, so strain on the tractor is reduced. With solidity of construction, these Aerators are robust, being built by a company with more than 35 years of experience in their field.

Features of Selvatici Aeroking Aerators:

  • PROMOTES ROOT GROWTH and keeps the lawn in excellent condition. The Aerators also utilize hollow tines that prepares the ground for top dressing.
  • With SELVATICI Bucatrice, the form of the holes is uniform whatever the solidity of the ground may be.
  • Specifications don't restrict us; we implement the modifications we consider necessary.
  • Maintenance free using self lubricating bearings.
  • Tractor stability and maneuverability greatly improved.
  • 3 Speed lever gearbox (PTO 540 I 145 II 162 III 200 RPM).
  • 3 Point linkage Cat. 1-2.
  • Slip Clutch PTO.
  • Front roller with water ballasts for depth adjustment.
  • Patented system for tool path guide, limiting the push on the hole edges.
  • Thanks to the robust, three-speed lever gearboxes, you can work at high rotation speeds, thus increasing your hourly production rate and accelerating your work.
  • Easy to mantain. All joints are on self-lubricating bearings allowing maintenance to be eliminated and increasing the working life of the tool.
  • Depth control system with screw and graduated scale.

Selvatici Series 400.95 Aeroking Aerators

Selvatici PTO Powered Aeroking Aerators

Series 400.95 Standard Features

  • Lever Shift 3-Speed Gearbox (6,2 Helical).
  • Protected PTO Shaft with Clutch.
  • 3-Point Hitch with Adjustable Width.
  • Rear Connection for Light Pulling.
  • Pre-Lubricated Sealed Bearing without Maintenance.
  • Front Roller with Water Ballast for Depth Adjustment.
  • Patented System for Tool Patch Guide, Limiting the Push on the Hole Edges.

Selvatici Tractor 3 Point Aeroking Aerators

Selvatici Tractor 3-Point Aeroking Aerators

Disclaimer: Never leave tractor or attachments to operate unattended or unmanned.

Model C 1706 N C 2108 N C 2510 N
Working Width 67" 83" 98"
Minimum HP 45 HP 55 HP 70 HP
Maximum HP 95 HP 95 HP 95 HP
Number of Pluggers 6 8 10
Weight 2,050 lbs. 2,557 lbs. 3,042 lbs.
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice