Sitrex Rotary Hay Rakes

Sitrex Rotary Rakes Provide Uniform Raking Action with no Twisting of Hay. The Sitrex Rotary Rake is Designed for Flat or Hilly Terrain. Sitrex Rotary Rakes are Available in Either 9 or 11 Arm Units Covering 11’6”, 13’ or 13’9” Working Width. Sitrex Also has a Twin Rotary Rake Covering 25’. The TW7800 Also Features Rear Steering, Hydraulic Fold Utilizing the Benefits of the 420/11H Rake.

MODEL 350/9 420/11
Number of Arms 9 11
Number of Double Tines per Arm 3 4
Working Width 11'6" 13'9"
Transport Width 4'11" 6'7"
Rotor Diameter 9'6" 11'2"
Power Required 35 HP 50 HP
Number of Rev's During Working 350 - 450 RPM
Weight 991 lbs. 1,233 lbs.
Tires 15 x 6.00-6 16 x 6.50-8

The SITREX 420/11 Windrowing Machine, was Built Using the Most Up-to-Date Design Techniques. From This Comes a Fast, Efficient, Strong and Extremely Versatile Machine, which Gives Excellent Results in Regard to Both Quality and In Working Time. It is Possible to Set the Height of the Tines from the Ground, Level the Machine Horizontally According to the Operating Axis, and Put the Machine in the Transport Position, All Without Having to Get Off the Tractor.

Hydraulic Adjustment of Working Height, Leveling and Positioning for Transport:
It is Possible to Set the Height of the Tines from the Ground, Level the Machine Horizontally According to the Operating Axis, and Put the Machine in the Transport Position, All Qithout Having to Get Off the Tractor.
Uniform Raking Actions:
An 11 - Arm Reduction Gearbox, Completely Encased, in Oil Bath, with Specially Designed Cams, Lifts the Rake Arms in a Very Smooth, Uniform Movement and Thus the Hay is Stirred and Released Gently, Avoiding the Loss of Foliage.
Wide Range of Raking Possibilities:
Allows a Wide Range of Possibilities in Setting the Working Width, Up to a Maximum Width of 13'9", Which Gives Excellent Results in Terms of Working Time.
Well-Structured Windrows:
The Technical Features of the Machine Make it Possible to Create Well-Structured Windrows Even on Hilly Ground or When Turning the Machine.
Very Precise Turning Over of Hay:
The Motion is Transmitted to the Machine with a Constant-Velocity Universal Joint, Allowing the Forming of a Windrow of a Uniform Shape and Size, Even When Making Small Maneuvers with the Tractor.
Harvest Optimizations:
The Particular Action of the Reduction Gearbox Makes it Possible to Harvest the Greatest Quantity of Hay, Because the Tines Attached to the Rotating Arms are In Contact with the Ground for a Long Time.
Sturdy Machine Construction:
The Machine is Built with Top Quality Steel and Components, Guaranteeing Reliability and Long Life. An Additional Hydraulic System Allows Leveling of the Machine According to the Direction It Is Moving. This Adjustment Can Also be Done From the Driver's Seat. There is Also a Crank Attached to the Hydraulic Cylinder for Preadjustment or Additional Adjustment of the Leveling System.
The Arms Holding the Tines Have a Special Shape which Prevents Deformation and Guarantees Long Life. Each Arm Holds Four Double Tines made From High-Quality Steel, Heat Treated for Great Surface Hardness and High Impact Resistance While Working. The Tines can be Easily Removed and Replaced. The Tandem Design Allows for a Uniform Path Even on Rough Terrain.

Number of Arms 11
Number of Double Tines per Arm 4
Working Width 13'9"
Gearbox Sealed Oil Bath Cam
Rotor Diameter (Raking Width) 11'2"
Transport Width (with Arms Disassembled) 6'7"
Transport Width (with Arms Assembled) 11'5"
Maximum Height of Tine from Ground 1'1"
PTO Driveline with Overload Clutch 540 RPM Constant Velocity Overload Clutch Protects Gearbox
Hydraulic Requirement 1,000 PSI
Weight 1,352 lbs.
Tires (Tandem Axle) 18 x 8.50 x 8
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice