Sweepster SSL Collector Sweeper Hydraulic Drive
(SB Hopper Broom & Cold Planer Special)

Sweepster SB Hopper Sweeper

The Heavy Duty SB Hopper Broom (SSL Collector Sweeper - Hydraulic Drive) by Sweepster Handles Heavy-Duty Clean-Up in Construction, Municipal & Industrial Applications. It Features a Reinforced Hopper, a Heavier Duty Cutting Edge, Additional Welds Between the Cutting Edge Bolts & 5 Wear Bars on the Underside of the Hopper. This is a Bi-Directional Broom that Sweeps Forward to Pick Up Dirt in Tight Areas. The Direct-Drive Bush Motor Eliminates Chains & Sprockets.

The Cold Planer Special is Specially Designed to Clear Heavy Millings from Cold Planer Operations. Material is Quickly & Efficiently Collected Into the Hopper for Optimal Production & Clean-Up.

Sweepster SB Hopper Sweeper


SB Hopper Broom

  • Bi-Directional Broom Sweeps Forward to Pick Up Dirt, Rock & Construction Debris; Reverses to Sweep in Tight Areas.
  • To Dump, Lift & Tilt; No Chains Required.
  • Standard Duty Cleanup.
  • 10-25 GPM Flow Required (2000 - 3500 PSI).
  • 26" Brush Diameter.
  • 5', 6', 7' Brush Widths Available.
  • Brush Head Reversible for "Dust Panning" Debris.
  • Dump Bucket by Lifting Arms.
  • Quick Change Core.
  • No Front Caster Wheel; Works Easily Next to Walls, Curbs & Obstacles.
  • Replaceable Bolt-On Cutting Edge On Bucket.
  • Mounts to Skid Steer Quick Attach.
  • Available with Poly or Poly/Wire Brush.
  • Direct-Drive Brush Motor Eliminates Chains & Sprockets.
  • Direct-Drive Motor is Powered from Loader Hydraulics.
  • Optional Sprinkler Kit With or Without 25 Gallon Tank.
  • Optional Gutter Brush Kit With Poly or Wire Brush.

Cold Planer Special Option

  • Designed to Clean-Up Millings After Cold Planer Operations.
  • The Brush is Operated in Reverse to Collect Millings Into the Hopper.
  • Brush Sections are Compacted Dense-Filled Wafers Optimized for Clearing the Millings.
  • Direct-Drive Brush Motors Eliminate Chains & Sprockets.

Sweepster SB Hopper Core/Brush Head

Sweepster Sweeper Features
Available on Most Models

Sweepster Sweeper Features

Standard Features

  • Designed & Manufactured to Construction Grade.
  • Quick Attach Mounts.
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish.
  • Brush Heads of Varying Widths, Diameters & Brush Material, Including Metal, Poly & Mixed Sections.
  • Reverse Flow & Brush for "Dust Pan" Sweeping.
  • Industrial Quality Motors.
  • Tool-Less Quick Change Core Available on Most Models.

Sweepster SB Hopper Sweeper

Sweepster SB Hopper Sweeper

MODEL 20559/20560 20571/20572 20583/20584 20560P 20572P 20584P
Working Width 60" 72" 84" 60" 72" 84"
Overall Width 66" 78" 90" 66" 78" 90"
Approx. Weight 808 lbs. 916 lbs. 1,033 lbs. 840 lbs. 979 lbs. 1,033 lbs.
Brush Diameter 26"
Heaped Capacity 13.9 ft.3 16.8 ft.3 19.8 ft.3 13.9 ft.3 16.8 ft.3 19.8 ft.3
Minimum Hydraulic Flow 10/14 GPM 15 GPM
Maximum Hydraulic Flow 18/25 GPM 25 GPM
PSI Range 2,000 - 3,500
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice