Sweepster VS - SSL Collector Sweeper
with Waterless Dust Abatement - Hydraulic Drive

Sweepster VS-SSL Collector Sweeper

Sweepster's VS Pick-Up Sweeper (SSL Vacuum Collector Sweeper with Waterless Dust Abatement-Hydraulic Drive) is Great for Cleaning Up Parking Lots, Construction Sites, Streets, Curbs & Gutters as Well as Pavement Milling Operations & Utility Fork Sites. The Patented "Volumizing" Feature Allows the Bucket to Hold Considerable More Debris Volume with Less Recirculation When Compared to Conventional Sweepers. This Product is Also Avalable CE Certified.

Sweepster VS-SSL Collector Sweeper


  • Patented Waterless Dust Abatement.
  • Dust Control Without Messy, Bulky, Impractical Water Sprinkler Systems.
  • Washable PTFE Coated Filter Works in Dry or Wet Conditions.
  • Virtually Eliminates Airborne Particulate Ejection During Sweeper Operation.
  • Patented "Volumizing" Feature: Bucket Holds More Debris with Less Recirculation.
  • High Dump Design Holds Sweeper Head Clear of Dumping Bucket.
  • Quick Change Brush Without Breaking Hydraulic Lines.
  • Hydraulic Motor Can be Removed for Brush Change Without Tools.
  • Heavy Duty Cleanup.
  • Brush Follows Ground Contour with Front Castor.
  • Powered from SSL Hydraulics.
  • 15 - 25 GPM Flow Required.
  • 26" Brush Diameter.
  • 5', 6' & 7' Brush Widths Available.
  • Quick Change Core.
  • Tool-Less Brush Adjustment.

Sweepster VS-SSL Collector Sweeper

Sweepster Sweeper Features
Available on Most Models

Sweepster Sweeper Features


Sweepster Waterless Dust Abatement Sweeper Feature

Construction Sites & Manufacturing Facilities Generate Dirt & Dust That Must Be Controlled. Conventional Pickup Sweepers Can Generate Significant Clouds of Dust, Affecting Both the Machine Operator & Bystanders. Water Kits Make Mud, Require Frequent Refilling & Add to Operating Costs, All While Reducing the Operating Life of the Sweeper Brush Heads & Bucket.

The Sweepster VS Sweeper with Waterless Dust Abatement Controls the Dust Without Water! The Waterless Dust Abatement is a Patented Feature EXCLUSIVE to Sweepster & Paladin Attachments.

Sweepster Waterless Dust Abatement

Hydraulic Motor Creates Airflow Under the Sweeper to Pull Dust Into a Filter.

Sweepster Waterless Dust Abatement

A Washable PTFE Impregnated Filter Capable of Filtering Dust as Small as 10 Microns.

Sweepster Waterless Dust Abatement

A 12-Volt Shaker Dislodges Loose Debris From the Filter Media Directly Into the Hopper Bucket.

Sweepster Waterless Dust Abatement

This Sweeper Features High Dump Capability. The Operator Can Raise the Bucket & Dump Directly into a Dumpster or Truck. This Also Helps Reduce the Amount of Dust Blow Back to the Operator.

Exclusive Patented Feature for Collector Sweepers - Waterless Dust Abatement

  • VS & VCS Models.
  • New Hydraulic Fan & Filter Assembly Collects Fine Dust During Sweeping.
  • Significantly Reduces Dust Production from Sweeping Action.
  • No Water Tank or Sprayer Mechanism Needed - Dust Control Without Impractical Water Systems that Require Constant Refilling.
  • Filter Can be Cleaned by Actuating a Switch from Inside Cab.
  • No Mud or Clumpy Debris Cleanup Required.
  • More Comfort & Safety for Operator - No Dust Blowing Into Cab During Operation.

Sweepster Waterless Dust Abatement
High Volume Hydraulic Fan Pulls Air from the Sweeping Chamber Filtering the Dust & Exhausting Clean Air.

Sweepster Waterless Dust Abatement
Waterless Dust Abatement Unit

Sweepster Waterless Dust Abatement
A Double Drape System Seals the Sweeping Chamber to the Ground.

Overall Height 30" 30" 30"
Overall Width 73" 85" 97"
Overall Length 69" 69" 69"
Sweeping Width 60" 72" 84"
Sweeping Width w/Optional Gutter Brush 72" 84" 96"
Weight 1,446 lbs. 1,562 lbs. 1,678 lbs.
Flow Range 15 - 25 GPM 15 - 25 GPM 15 - 25 GPM
PSI Range 2,000 - 3,500
Hopper Capacity 15 ft3 18 ft3 21 ft3
Waterless Dust Abatement Attachment Specifications
Approx. Weight 235 lbs.
Height 6.5"
Width 59"
Length 26.5"
Maximum Back Pressure 350 PSI
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice