Valby GX28-50 Waste & Sorting Grapple

Valby GX28-50 Waste and Sorting Grapple

Intermercato GX28-50 Waste & Sorting Grapple

Valby (Intermercato) Universal Grab for Sorting and Handling of Waste Materials, Stone Handling and Forestry Applications.
This Bypass Grapple has Jaws that have Seven Claws. For Rigid Mount the Grapple is Recommended with a KR10 and a Hanging Mount R12 Rotator.

Max. Opening 58-5/8"
Max. Load 8,800 lbs.
Weight 1,090 lbs.
Recommended Excavator Size 17,000 - 33,000 lbs.
Max. Pressure 3600 PSI
Gripping Force 16.5 kN
Height Closed 23-3/4"
Height Opened 33"
Min. Opening 3-3/4"
Width 29-15/16"
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice