Valby TG12 UG/7 Waste & Sorting Grapple

Valby Intermercato TG12 UG7 Waste Sorting Grapple

Valby Intermercato TG12 UG/7 Waste and Sorting Grapple

The bypass design closes the grapple to a tight minimum. A belly plate protects the cylinder and hoses.

This is a Valby (Intermercato) Universal Grab for Sorting and Handling of Recycling Materials and for Forestry Applications. The TG12 UG/7 Waste & Sorting Grapple has Four Jaws on One Side and Three on the Other Side. It is of the Modern Bypass Design where the Material is Held in Place by Force from from Several Directions. The Jaws are made of High Grade Hardox steel. This Size Waste Grapple is Suited for use in Mini Excavators, Skid Steer Loaders and Small Knucklebooms. The Valby Grapples can be used without a Rotator, with a Hanging Rotator or with a Rigid Rotator.

Weight 154 lbs.
Max Load 1,320 lbs.
Gripping Force 1,798 ft. lb.
Gripping Area 1.5 sq. ft.
Working Pressure 2900 PSI
Flow 8 GPM

Intermercato TG12 UG-7 Waste Sorting Grapple

Position Measurement
A 27-1/2"
B 13"
C 23-1/2"
D 1"
E 10-3/4"

Valby TG-12 UG7 Waste Grapples

Intermercato TG12 UG7 Sorting Grapples

The Grapple has a Flat Mounting Plate, so it can be used with either Hanging or Rigid Rotators. All Joints have a Grease Fitting and a Bronze Bearing. The Grapple comes with JIC Fittings. (Not shown) The Bypass Design Supports the Load from underneath, which gives a more controlled release.

Intermercato TG12 UG7 Waste Grapples
The Form of the Jaws Enables the Grapple to Penetrate into Piles of Brush or Other Materials.

Valby Intermercato TG-12 UG/7 Stone Waste Grapples
These Type of Grapples Have Many uses in the Logging Industry, They Penetrate in Piles of Brush and Can be Used to Feed Wood Chippers and Tub Grinders.

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