Valby Clamshell Buckets

Valby Clamshell Buckets

The Valby (Intermercato) Heavy Duty Clamshell Bucket has a High Penetrating Force, & a Heavily Reinforced Body. The Cutting Edges on the Bucket are Made of .63" (16mm) Boron Steel. The Jaws are Sharpened for Easy Penetration, & Close Up Tight. It also comes with:

  • Enlarged, Sealed Bushings.
  • A Built In Pressure Reduction Valve.
  • Digging Teeth are an Available Option.


  • Double Guide Bars.
  • High Pressure Cylinder with Double Piston Rod Seals.
  • High Tensile Wear Resistant Steel (400 HB).
  • Pilot Operated Check Valve.
  • High Tensile Wear Resistant Steel Cutting Edges (500 HB).

Valby Clamshell Bucket Cutting Edge
The Jaws Are .63" (5/8") Thick, & are Made Out of Boron Steel. Boron Steel is Hard Throughout, Not Just on the Surface.

Intermercato Clamshell Bucket Jaws
The Jaws are Sharpened for Easy Penetration, & They Close Up to Form a Tight Edge. Also Shown in the Picture Are the Holes for Optional Digging Teeth.

The Clamshell Buckets Have Double-Equlizer Linkage (See Photos Below), Which Distributes the Load Evenly During the Closing of the Grapple.

Valby Clamshell Bucket Linkage
Both Sides of the Cylinder Have an Equalizer Linkage, Which Distributes the Load Equally When the Bucket is Closing.

Valby Clamshell Bucket Linkage
The Bucket Has Joints of a Large Diameter, so the Joints are Dimensioned for Durability. The Large Diameter Joints Have Bronze Bearings, & Every Bearing Has a Grease Fitting.

Valby Clamshell Bucket Hanging Mount

Valby Intermercato Clamshell Bucket Rigid Mount

Clamshell Buckets Available with Either Hanging Mount (Left) for Rigid Mount (Right).

Valby Clamshell Bucket Rigid Mount Rotator & Quick Attach Plate

V-350 Clamshell Bucket with Rigid Mount Rotator & Quick Attach Plate.

Valby Clamshell Bucket Specifications

MODEL TCB500 TCB650 TCB800 TCB1000 TCB1000HD TCB1250HD Superchip
Width 19.7" 25.6" 31.5" 39.4" 39.4" 49.2" 59.0"
Volume 66.13 Gallons 92.59 Gallons 119 Gallons 137.56 Gallons 145.30 Gallons 185 Gallons 396 Gallons
Working Pressure 4,350 PSI 3,625 PSI
Weight 673 lbs. 750 lbs. 805 lbs. 860 lbs. 1,144 lbs. 1,232 lbs. 1,520 lbs.
Recommended Rotator R45 R45 R6 R6 GV12.2 GV12.2 GV12S
Gripping Force 35 kilo Newtons N/A
Gripping Force 7,870 lb.-force N/A
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice