Valentini Predator Series Tractor 3-Point Rock & Stone Crushers,
Soil Stabilizer & Shredder, Asphalt Pulverizer/Grinder

Valentini Predator Series Stone and Rock Crushers


As with ALL Valentini Crushers, the Predator Series has been providing Superior Single Pass Results in All Applications: Land Reclamation, Agriculture (row crop fields, produce rows, pastures, seed bed preparation, horticultural benches & rows, vineyards, orchards, groves, etc.), Roadway Maintenance & Paving (gravel & chip seal roads, asphalt roads & highways), as well as Rough or Finish Grading in Pre & Post Construction applications. From Rock & Stone Crushing, Stump Mulching, Soil Shredding, to Soil Stabilization, and Asphalt Pulverizing/Grinding, Valentini Crushers have been CRUSHING IT for decades!!! In the sample videos below, you'll see evidence of the Superior Single Pass performance, even shaving tops off of the outcroppings of embedded boulders, even at work crushing & pulverizing Limestone, which second to Granite, can have the highest psi requirement for crushing, and the Valentini Crusher is shaving those Limestone Boulders!


  • Category 3, Oscillating 3-Point Hitch.
  • Shear Bolt Protected Main PTO Shaft.
    • Dual Transmission Models have Cam Clutch Protected Side Drive Shafts.
  • Crushers 'Diminishing Chamber' is Comprised of the Following:
    • Front Shear Bar Provides First Mechanical Contact for Reducing Fragments.
    • Rear Hardox Grid Provides Secondary Contact for Further Fragmentary Reduction.
    • Hydraulically Controlled Rear Containment Door Controls Duration Fragments Remain in Chamber.
      • Containment Door Constructed for Extreme Service Duty & Wear Resistance.
    • Crusher Body Internal Hardox Lining is Replaceable.
  • Hydraulically Controlled Front Opening Gate & Deflectors for Infinite Adjustment.
    • Keep Front Gate Closed for Max Deflector use, or Open For Max Working Depth.
  • Rear Gate Adjusters Include Shock Absorption System.
  • Extreme Service Duty Rotor is Shock & Wear Resistant.
  • 19" Rotor Working Diameter, Tip to Tip.
  • 1” Diameter Tooth Shanks & Holders.
    • Tooth 'Holders' are Welded to the Rotor.
    • Teeth are Fixed in Holders with Snap Rings for Easy Service!
  • Central & Side Gear Drives in Oil Bath Gearboxes.
    • Single Transmission Units Have Oil Bath Bearing Enclosures for Non-Drive Side.
    • Dual Transmission Units have Oil Bath Gearboxes on Both Sides.
  • Unique & Patented Labyrinth Seals Ensure Bearings are Protected from Dirt!
  • Hydraulically Adjusted Rear Skid Shoes.
  • Safety Covers & Guards.

Valentini Tractor 3 Point Stone and Rock Crushers

MODEL 3200 3700
Tractor Horsepower Required 200 - 260 HP 220 - 260 HP
Rotor 253 RPM
Working Width 127" 147"
Overall Width 137" 157"
No. Hoes 318 372
Working Depth on Non-Passive Surfaces
(e.g. Asphalt, Sheets of Granite, etc.)
Working Depth on Passive Surfaces
(e.g. Dirt, Gravel, Sod, etc.)
Weights are Less Pallets, Crates & PTO Shaft 7,826 lbs. 9,149 lbs.
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice