Wallenstein Backhoes

Get to the Bottom of Things....with the Wallenstein Ranchho - the versatile curved-boom backhoe attachment that fits your tractor and your property. The Ranchho is a rugged backhoe that's ready to sink it's teeth into any task you give it, from landscaping to concrete footings.

Designed for compact tractors, skidsteers, and full-size tractors, the Ranchho gives you precision and power at your fingertips. Running deep with features, the Ranchho will turn your mountain of a job into a molehill. Take a look.....

CURVED BOOM - The right geometry makes the job easier with the over-arching design of the new curved boom. Dig deep without impacting the edge of the excavation. This protects the backhoe from unnecessary damage and prevents soil from falling back into the hole.

SWING CUSHIONING - Working efficiently means working smoothly, digging and swinging in rhythm. Swinging the boom is controlled by cushioning hydraulic cylinders that reduce machine shake by slowing the boom as it reached the furthest ends of the swing range.

The Ranchho is the perfect attachment for your tractor that gets the most out of your land. Landscaping, excavating and trenching soon become easy tasks with the digging power and reaching length of the Ranchho. Add a thumb to the Ranchho and start moving rocks into perfect position for your landscaping projects. For smaller tractors without hydraulics, the optional power pack gets you digging.

Extendible GX920XT Backhoe

The Ranchho digs even deeper with the Extendible GX920XT model. Capable of extending an extra 24" to dig 11'4" deep, the extendible stick gives you the extra reach when you need it. When contracted, the bucket and dipper stick curl up tight to the boom for easy travel and compact storage.

Quick Attach Bucket Adapter

From digging to ditching, Wallenstein's Quick Attach Bucket Adapter switches attachments quickly and easily with only one bolt and no hammering of pins. The mechanical pin-grab coupler slides under the front pin and tightens around the rear pin, saving you time and hassle so you can get the job done. The Quick Attach Adapter is easy to install in the field on the GX720 and GX920.

The Ranchho connects just like a bucket, and with added stabilizer bars for reduced shake. Just like the 3-point hitch models, the hydraulic controls hook into the skidsteer's external ports, making setup simple. The stabilizers widen the center of gravity, making the narrow profile of skidsteers more sturdy when swinging the boom laterally. The thumb attachment is also available for both 3-point hitch and skidsteer mounted backhoes.

Skiddigger QC620

When you need to get down to work, start digging with the Ranchho QC620. This skidsteer-mounted backhoe is a single-stick that reaches 6-feet deep and is controlled from inside the cab. The QC620 keeps you trenching without the need of continually repositioning.

5' Backhoe for Mini Skid Steers Shown

THUMBS - Landscaping requires versatility & precision when positioning rockery. The Ranchho Thumbs give you the control to move heavy objects with delicacy, placing rocks in exactly the right place and with less scratching. Thumbs are also ideal for gathering awkward debris such as scrap wood and concrete chunks that don't easily fit in a bucket. Wallenstein provides 2 types of thumbs for the Ranchho, hydraulic and mechanical.

  GX620 GX720 GX920
Transport Height (w/boom fully retracted) 63" 79" 92"
Transport Width (w/stabilizers up) 42" 42-1/2" 42-1/2"
Loading Height (bucket at 60" rotation) 62" 80" 89"
Ground Clearance 10-1/2" 10-1/2" 10-1/2"
Transport Length 68" 80" 81"
Transport Weight 575 lbs. 765 lbs. 791 lbs.
Digging Depth (2 ft.flat bottom) 6'4" 7'8" 9'4"
Overall Operating Height (fully raised) 92" 119" 135"
Reach from Swing Post 100" 123" 141"
Bucket Rotation 180o 180o 180o
Swing Arc 180o 180o 180o
Stabilizer Width (Spread) 74" 89" 89"
Stabilizer Width (Transport) 40" 42-1/2" 42-1/2"
Operating Pressure 1800 PSI 2250 PSI 2250 PSI
SAE Dipper Boom Digging Force 1250 lbs. 2300 lbs. 3200 lbs.
SAE Bucket Digging Force 2600 lbs. 3800 lbs. 3925 lbs.
Boom Lift Capacity (at end of dipper 3' from ground) 385 lbs. 925 lbs. 750 lbs.
Hydraulic Volume Requirements 5-7 GPM 5-7 GPM 5-7 GPM
Recommended Tractor HP 15-25 HP 22-45 HP 45-100 HP
Recommended Skidsteer Requirements (SSQT) N/A 30-60 30-100
Bucket Sizes Available 9,12,15,18 9,12,15,18,24 9,12,15,18,25
3 Point Hitch Cat I (PT300) Cat I (PT300)/Cat II(PT322) Cat I (PT300)/Cat II (PT322)
Main Boom Cylinder Diameter 2-1/2" 3" 3"
All Other Cylinder Diameters 2-1/4", 2 (stabs, swing) 3" (dipper), 2-1/2" 3" (dipper), 2-1/2"