WRAG 'Commander XL300' Series Hydraulic Post Drivers
Loaded With The Best Features, Plus Double Offset Articulation & Positioning!

WRAG Commander XL Series Tractor 3 Point Post Drivers
‘Commander XL300’ Centered, Telescoping Retracted, Tilted Forward w/Rock Spike

With the 90° Swing, Telescoping Boom, Left & Right Carrier Slide for Offset Positioning, & Hydraulic Center Leg Adjustment, 4-Way Tilt, Driving Straight Posts on the Fence Center-Line is Efficient & Hassle Free, Eliminating the Need for (Repeatedly) Repositioning your Tractor for Precise Positioning. The 110,000lb’s of Hammering Force also Contributes to Efficiency & Straight Posts, Even in the Toughest Ground Conditions. For the Worst Ground Conditions, an Optional Rock Spike is available - WRAG Drivers include the Extra Spool Valve & Mounting Lugs (for the Rock Spike & Extractor) as Standard Features. The 'Commander Basic XL300’ Driver includes the following Standard Features:

  • Hydraulic Mast Positioning:
    • 90° Swing, from Rear Center to Right, Infinite Positioning.
    • Telescopic Boom, Horizontal, up to 16” w/Infinite Positioning.
      • Functional Anywhere in the 90° Swing.
    • 3-Point Left & Right Carrier Slide w/Infinite Positioning.
    • 'Front to Rear' & 'Left to Right' Tilt!
    • Hydraulic Center Leg Adjustment.
  • Open Frame Design:
    • Provides maximum efficiency, versatility & flexibility, on any terrain, for positioning the Post to be as straight as possible!
    • Allows adding new posts into existing fence lines without contacting & damaging the existing fence wires!
    • Allows Driving Posts as Low as 6” Above Grade!
  • Self-Contained Hydraulic System:
    • Eliminates the clumsy & costly Return Line Kit (a nuisance to add & remove & route to the reservoir filler neck)!
    • Eliminates the risk of discharging hydraulic oil all over the back of Tractor (from the Return Line Kit)!
    • Without the need of a model specific Return Line Kit, this Driver is universal to use on any make & model of Tractor!
  • 110,000lb's of (Springless) Drop Hammer Pounding Force:
    • The Drop Hammer System provides Springless Driving Energy, eliminating daily maintenance (seasoning), and the potential disruption & expense associated with Spring failures!
    • WRAG’s Drop Hammer System uses an Industrial Poly & Cotton Braided Rope, which is very easy on your hands & won’t kink, or fray, offering a trouble free service life!
  • Hinged 'Arm' for the Drop Hammer Operation:
    • Hinged 'Arms' are superior to Hinged ‘Masts’, which are a nuisance to set-up, require more pulleys & increases maintenance, and contributes to a loss of driving force!
  • Flow Control Valve:
    • Used to reduce the Hinged Arm cycle time for smoother operation, or to speed it up for faster operation (once you’re able to throttle & feather the controls)!
  • Controls Located for Maximum Safety & Ergonomic Convenience!

Fence Post Driver
‘Commander XL300’ Centered, Telescoping Retracted,
w/Rock Spike & Extractor

Post Driver with Rock Spike
'Commander XL300’ Centered, Telescoping Retracted,
Tilted Forward w/Rock Spike & Extractor.

3 Point Hydraulic Post Driver
‘Commander XL300’ 90° Swing & Right Offset w/Rock Spike

Hydraulic Post Driver
‘Commander XL300’ 90° Swing & Offset w/Rock Spike

Post Drivers for Sale
‘Commander XL300’ Centered, w/Rock Spike

WRAG Commander XL Commercial Post Driver
'Commander XL300’ 3-Point Carrier Slide, Right Offset

Hydraulic Post Driver for Sale
‘Commander XL300’ Centered, Tilted Forward w/Rock Spike

Pile Driver for Sale
‘Commander XL300’ w/Rock Spike

Fence Post Driver for Tractor
‘Commander XL300’ w/Rock Spike

Farm Post Driver
‘Commander XL300’ 3-Point Hitch & Carrier Slide Centered

Post Pounder for Sale
‘Commander XL300’ 3-Point Hitch & Carrier Slide Centered

WRAG Commander XL 300 Professional Tractor Post Driver
‘Commander XL300’ 3-Point Hitch Carrier Slide, Left Offset

WRAG Commander XL-300 Professional Tractor Post Driver
'Commander XL300' 3-Point Hitch Carrier Slide Centered

WRAG Diadem Post Driver Rockspike
‘Commander XL300’ Driver Optional Rock Spike & Extractor.

WRAG Diadem Post Driver Rockspike
‘Commander XL300’ Driver Optional Rock Spike & Extractor.

WRAG Commander XL Post Driver Net Unroller
‘Commander XL300’ Driver Optional Wire Unroller.


Max. Post Length w/36" Legs Fully Extended 9'-0" Post (Drives down to 30" Above Grade)
Max. Post Length w/Legs Fully Retracted 8'-0" Post (Drives down to 18" Above Grade)
Max. Post Diameter 10"
Drop Hammer Weight 660 lbs.
Driving Force 110,000 lbs. @ Full Stroke
Mast Length 10'-8" w/Legs Retracted
Hydraulic Tilt 22° Left & Right, Front & Rear
Hydraulic Swing 90° (Infinite Positioning)
Hydraulic Telescoping 15" Travel for Offset Positioning
(Infinite Positioning)
Hydraulic 3-Point Carrier Positioning 16" Left to Right Travel for Offset Positioning
From Center Position: 8" to Left, 8" to Right
(Infinite Positioning)
Hydraulic Requirement Min 12GPM/1800PSI
Hydraulic Systems Open Center
(Plugs for Closed & Load Sensing Available)
Weight 2,150 lbs.
3-Point Hitch Double Clevis, CAT 2
(Not Quick Hitch Compatible)
Requires Minimum 65HP Tractor!
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice