WRAG 'T660' Tractor 3-Point Hydraulic Post Drivers
Loaded With The Best Features!

WRAG Thrift Tractor 3 Point Post Driver
WRAG T660 Driver shown with stabilizer leg’s extended to drive long posts.

The WRAG T660 Post Drivers' 660lb Hammer Weight produces up to 110,000lb’s of Hammering Force to Drive Posts Straight into the Toughest Ground Conditions. For the Worst Conditions, an optional Rock Spike is available - WRAG Drivers include the Extra Spool Valve & Mounting Lugs (for the Rock Spike & Extractor) as Standard Features. The 'T660' Driver includes the following Standard Features:

  • Open Frame Design:
    • Provides maximum efficiency, versatility & flexibility, on any terrain, for positioning the Post to be as straight as possible!
    • Allows adding new posts into existing fence lines without contacting & damaging the existing fence wires!
    • Allows Driving Posts as Low as 6” Above Grade!
  • Self-Contained Hydraulic System:
    • Eliminates the clumsy & costly Return Line Kit (a nuisance to add & remove & route to the reservoir filler neck)!
    • Eliminates the risk of discharging hydraulic oil all over the back of Tractor (from the Return Line Kit)!
    • Without the need of a model specific Return Line Kit, this Driver is universal to use on any make & model of Tractor!
  • 110,000lb's of Drop Hammer Pounding Force:
    • The Drop Hammer System provides Springless Driving Energy, eliminating daily maintenance (seasoning), and the potential disruption & expense associated with Spring failures!
    • WRAG's Drop Hammer System uses an Industrial Poly & Cotton Braided Rope, which is very easy on your hands & won’t kink, or fray, offering a trouble free service life!
  • 'Front to Rear' & 'Left to Right' Tilt!
  • Hinged 'Arm' for the Drop Hammer Operation:
    • Hinged 'Arms' are superior to Hinged ‘Masts’, which are a nuisance to set-up, require more pulleys, increases maintenance, and contributes to a loss of driving force!
  • Flow Control Valve:
    • Used to reduce the Hinged Arm cycle time for smoother operation, or to speed it up for faster operation (once you’re able to throttle & feather the controls)!
  • Cat 2 Quick-Hitch Compatibility!
  • Controls Located for Maximum Safety & Ergonomic Convenience!

Post Drivers for Sale
WRAG T660 Driver with stabilizer leg’s extended.

Hydraulic Post Driver for Sale
WRAG T660 Driver with stabilizer leg’s recessed.

Post Pounder for Sale
WRAG T660 Driver with stabilizer leg’s extended.

Fence Post Driver
WRAG T660 Driver tilted forward.

Post Driver for Tractor
WRAG T660 Driver tilted forward.

Wood Post Driver
WRAG T660 Driver tilted forward.

3PT Post Driver
WRAG T660 Driver side view.

Fence Post Knocker
WRAG safety shield.

Max. Post Length w/36" Legs Fully Extended 9'-0" Post (Drives down to 30" Above Grade) (*/**)
Max. Post Length w/Legs Fully Retracted 8'-0" Post (Drives down to 18" Above Grade) (*/**)
Max. Post Diameter 8" (10" Optional)
Drop Hammer Weight 660 lbs.
Driving Force 110,000 lbs. @ Full Stroke
Mast Length 10'-8" w/Legs Retracted
Hydraulic Tilt 22° Left & Right, Front & Rear
Hydraulic Requirement Min 1800PSI/10GPM
Hydraulic Systems Open Center
(Plugs for Closed & Load Sensing Available)
Weight 1,532 lbs.
3-Point Hitch Double Clevis, CAT 2
Double Top Link Lugs for Quick Hitch Compatibility.
Not Suitable for Cat 1 Tractors!
*Dimensions are Conservative & Subject to Variation Based on Tractor 3-Point & Tire Sizes.
**Dimensions are as Measured on an 80HP Tractor w/30" Rear Tires.
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice