Selvatici Tractor 3-Point Soil Spading Machines

Customer Review:
Hello Andrew....just finished planting all our pumpkins, and the Spader worked great (I removed the skid shoes because soil was building up on them), just like a charm! The pumpkin seeds now have a nice seed bed to germinate in, plus the pumpkins should grow on the rye grass between the rows so they'll be nice and clean, plus no erosion...and another benefit of doing all the seedbed prep with small tractors is less fuel cost ... I'll send photos when the pumpkins are up. Anyone serious about pumpkins should really look into a Spader! Thanks RG

Followup From Customer:
Hi Andrew, Sent a couple photos, spader worked great, as you see the slightly raised ridges from the spader the ground warmed up nicely. No need to plow or disc - I rototilled all the field so was able to prepare 30 acres of pumpkins with a 35HP tractor. Side benefit when spraying for powdery mildew even after 4" of rain did not rut up the field as the roadways were nice and hard due to no plowing. Thanks RG
Selvatici Spader Results Selvatici Spader Results

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