Bryce Suma Powershift HD2 Post Drivers

Bryce Suma Powershift HD2 Post Driver

Center Mounted, 14” Hydraulic Side Shift, Telescopic Mast, 4-Way Tilt, 10’ Posts, 140,000lb’s Pounding Force!


  • Unique Patented Telescopic Mast.
  • Up to 12ft Height Under Postcap.
  • Dual Mast Lubrication System - Patent Pending.
  • Hammer Travels Full Length of Mast without Any Manual or Mechanical Adjustments Required.
  • Hydraulic Top Link Standard.
  • 25° Hydraulic Mast Tilt Left and Right.
  • Carbon Steel Post Cap - No Welds to Crack.
  • Mast Slides 14" from Center to Right to Allow Posts to be Kept in Line with the Mast.
  • Parking Legs are Best Removed When Driving Posts.
  • Machine Can be Held on Tractor Linkage for Long Posts - Standard Practice.
  • 882lb Hammer Weight Provides up to 140,000lb's of Pounding Force!
  • 1,100lb Hammer Optional, to provide up to 175,000lb’s of Pounding Force!
  • Simple Twin Pulley Telescopic Mast.
  • Independent Postcap Slide Rail System.
  • Special Maintenance-Free Post Cap.
  • Perfect for Loaders & Telehandlers, as well as Tractor 3 Point Linkage.
  • King Pin Bushes Easily Replaceable.
  • Height Adjustable Legs are Standard.
  • Rock Spike Not Available!

Bryce Suma HD2 Powershift 3 Point Post Driver
HD2 Super with 1,100lb/500kg hammer c/w 14" sideshift. A tidy, compact outfit, good on steep hill ground. Also good in wet, muddy ground, since it is comparatively lightweight at 2,140lbs/970kgs with the 882lb/400kg hammer option. Smaller hammer weights available.

Bryce Suma Telehandler Post Drivers
Mounted on front linkage.

Bryce Suma Powershift HD2 Front Mount Post Drivers
The Sideshift feature allows post to be kept in line with the mast at all times when the post is being driven.

Bryce Suma Powershift HD2 Telehandler Post Pounder
Parking legs removed.

Bryce Suma Powershift HD2 Heavy Duty Post Driver
HD2 Super fitted to 90HP 4WD. Suitable for 60/70 HP, providing the tractor is properly ballasted.

Bryce Suma Power Shift HD2 Post Drivers
The new heavy-duty adjustable 5 position top link hitch point from the Bryce Suma Profi Supreme is standard fitment. Pick the hole to suit your tractor. Top link cylinder has additional threaded adjustment for fine-tuning of cylinder stroke in both directions.

Bryce Suma Power Shift HD2 Post Drivers
15 Degree Mast Tilt Left.

Bryce Suma Power Shift HD2 Post Drivers
15 Degree Mast Tilt Right.

Bryce Suma Powershift HD2 Professional Duty Post Drivers
Close-coupled attachment for safety and stability.

Hydraulic Tilt Forward and Back.

Bryce Suma Powershift HD1 Loader Mounted Post Driver
Post out of line with mast. Slide mast to the right to get post back in line.

Bryce Suma Powershift HD1 Commercial Duty Post Drivers
Post out of line with mast. Slide sideshift to the left to get post back in line with mast. 14" sideshift available.

Bryce Suma Excavator Mounted Post Driver
Post can be kept in line with mast at all times using the 14" sideshift feature.

Bryce Suma Professional Duty Post Drivers
The unique twin pulley telescopic mast c/w mast lubrication is standard fitment. The special 1 piece heat-treated carbon steel post cap slides on separate guide rails independent of the moving beam.

Bryce Suma Powershift HD2 Excavator Mount Post Drivers
The double pulley telescopic mast allows the hammer to travel the full length of the mast at all times without any manual or mechanical adjustment.

Bryce Suma Powershift HD-1 Post Pounders
This 10" diameter unpointed post is the same as the previous picture and was driven in to this height in 1min6 secs. The 1,100lb/500kg hammer gives a hitting force of over 81 tonnes.

Bryce Suma Telehandler Fence Drivers
Hydraulic controls come readily to hand and feature double safety cage and dead-man handle. New bespoke hydraulic system has shown through efficiency tests that you won't get anything better.

Bryce Suma Powershift HD2 Telehandler Railroad Tie Post Drivers
Machine can be operated hanging on the 3-point linkage if extra hitting height is required for longer posts. Can be fitted to telehandlers.

Bryce Suma Heavy Duty Excavator Post Drivers
General view of a tidy, compact and well-balanced outfit with a performance you will only appreciate when seen in action.

Bryce Suma Commercial Duty Mini Skid Steer Post Drivers
Rock Spike Kit

Bryce Suma Commercial Duty Mini Skid Steer Post Drivers

Bryce Suma Powershift HD2 Mini Skid Steer Post Drivers

Bryce Suma Skid Steer Fence Drivers

Bryce Suma Commercial Duty Fence Drivers
Safety is Paramount. As well as the double safety cage, the hammer control handle has a dead man facility to prevent accidental activation.

Bryce Suma Mini Skidsteer Heavy Duty Post Drivers

Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice