Tractor 3-Point, Skid Steer, Tracked Machines & Excavator Mounted Post Drivers


All WRAG Powerswing Post Drivers Work to a Rear Position for Extra Reach or Alternatively Will Hydraulically Slew Through Up to 180° to Enable the Operator to Work Up a Fence Line.

The Hydraulic Slew Enables the Operator to Work Anywhere Within the 180° Dependant Upon Model. For Example, In Awkward Corners, Irregular Boundaries & Around Obstacles, The Machine is Kept 'Operator Friendly' & Downtime is Also Kept to an Absolute Minimum. Even Though 200KG (441LB) Models are Adequate for Most Jobs, a 300KG (661LB) Hammer is an Option on Most Models & the Powerful Diadem Models Come with a 400KG (882LB) Hammer - Important When Speed is Optimum.

  • Manufactured to the Highest Standards – Build Quality is Second to None.
  • Can Work Anywhere Within 180° Dependant Upon Model.
  • Drive Posts Where They Need to be Driven – No Awkward Corners.
  • The Tractor's Position is Less Integral, Giving You More Speed & Manueverability.
  • Modular Design Allowing Complete Choice & Flexibility of Options Allows You to Add Options if Needed.
  • Bespoke Post Plates Available for Any Specific Post Application.
  • Weight Options – 100KG (220LB)/150KG (330LB)/200KG (440LB)/300KG (660LB)/400KG (880LB).
  • Net Unroller.
  • The Rock Spike Makes Light of Hard Work. It Gives a Pilot Hole Where Difficult Terrain Could Prevent Posts Being Driven. Whether the Terrain is Stone, Flint, Shale, Hard Frost or Just Simply Hot & Dry, the Job Will Always Get Done.
  • Tow Bar.
  • Electric Control (Option for Diadem & Opus).
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